More and more often we hear about on TV, on the radio or just seeing billboards in the street of shops called “Buy Gold” : business in which many individuals come to sell their scrap gold and unpaired to be paid immediately. Thanks to the crisis economic in recent months, more and more people decide to make money by selling their unused gold but let’s see what is the gain of those who wish to embark on this new job , more and more widespread thanks to high prices gold on the stock market and the growing demand for gold by emerging countries such as China and India .

First, we specify that more and more often these stores are opened in Buy Gold franchise , a formula that allows you to rely on society for some time entered in the field who provide staff training to qualify to the task in a short time. It does not matter their studies or work activities previously carried out: to learn how to run a shop like this is quick and easy and ‘ initial investment relatively low. Everything you need to start is a property of at least 20 square meters. Usually stores Buy Gold affix to the front door and any windows posters with their name for two reasons: to advertise and to recognize the point of sale but also, and above all, to respect the privacy of customers. Once you open a store Buy gold buy gold used by private and you can sell to Rossetti authorized to companies that melt and then re-use or, again, again to the public.


Usually the gold used, once salutatorian purity, is paid to the private approximately 8-9 € per gram if it is, as in most cases, of gold by 18 carat. The gain for the retailer comes when he himself resell to wholesalers or companies merging and is assumed to be 4.6 euro per gram. Different matter if the dealer decides to sell it to the public as a sort of “flea market”. In that case, the gain per gram can reach even 12 euro. But let us now see what is the bureaucratic process to follow to set up shop Buy Gold. The roads are two and different from each other depending on whether you decide to sell the gold used only to individuals and intermediaries or otherwise, the company merger. In the first case, you just, in fact, open the VAT and request permission of the public security police station submitting the notice of commencement activities.

However, you decide to sell the gold to the company merger will need to fulfill certain specific obligations under the Law 7/2000 , have a criminal record completely clean and respect the ‘good repute.When you buy gold from customers will need to wait 10 days before reselling for inspection decided by the Finance Department. You can buy gold, moreover, only by those older with a valid identity document. Good idea will be to sign each subject a disclaimer which states that they have not stolen gold. In this way, the shopkeeper will rise from any future vicissitude.