There are many people who, thinking about a new activity to be undertaken, focus on the ability to start a car wash . Much less, however, are those that actually know all the steps necessary to ensure that their ideas can materialize. So let’s see in detail what you need to know if you plan to open a car wash. Let’s start from the first location . If you have a ground in business areas, industrial or adjacent to them , the town where you choose to start a new business it will give the same constraints. This becomes more complex if you are in possession of agricultural land . In this case, in fact, receive the destination change of use may be time consuming and not infrequently be impossible.

If, however, the soil chosen to open a car wash both the suitable, you will need to fulfill a number of steps required. First, we must go to the municipal engineering department used planning. This, by a municipal surveyor, will work to understand right away if in the selected area can give rise to the ‘ activities . After this step you will need to receive further approval, this time for the operation of electric motors with power if greater than 0.5 hp. The request must be accompanied by appropriate documentation about the noise impact of these motors from the technician in environmental acoustics that is regularly writing to ‘ regional register (the complete list of technicians registered with will be required at the door and permission to production waste into sewer).


Another fundamental authorization will cover the sewage discharge into the public sewer . It is often necessary for all industrial and commercial activities that discharge their waters into the public sewer used in the first instance only recollection of domestic waste water. This authorization will request the Town Hall where will be built the car wash and you are bound by specific rules provided for in Articles 44 and 45 of Law Decree number 152 of 1999 and relating to the quantitative limits and qualitative waste water versatility in the public sewer. These authorizations will obviously have to follow, as in any business, the ‘ entry in the Register of Companies Artisan .