Recent years Mauritius is a popular destination for the opening of call centers. This is justified primarily by its legal system. The investor benefits because of several tax exemptions. Also, through a call center in Mauritius, different activities may be carried. As a result, the investor is not obliged to exercise a particular activity. Opening a call center sometimes requires the intervention of professionals.

The process of opening a call center

Opening a call center in many cases requires the intervention of professionals, often firms specializing in business creation. They provide essentially the administrative formalities for the creation of the call center. Use a firm is to win not only speed but also flexibility.


What call center set up in Mauritius?

Various sectors are involved in call centers. Thus, in Mauritius we can create a call center for telemarketing for promotional campaigns and information for the survey, to conduct investigations for the study of fame or for market research.

The functions of a call center

A call center is a business structure to manage remote clients. This type of business therefore requires a set of material, financial, technical and human. These are phone calls, letters or e-mails that are distributed in the call center and that center staff have to deal. Today, the opening of call centers is in offshore jurisdictions, that is to say, in countries that offer significant tax benefits, including Mauritius.

The benefits of a call center in Mauritius

In Mauritius, call centers have a variety of tax benefits. They have first of a tax exemption on profits of companies. The shareholders of the companies, in turn, benefit from tax exemption on their income. In addition, investors are not obliged to publish their annual accounts.

Mauritius, a major offshore financial center

Located in the southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius as well as some islands is an offshore jurisdiction. With its dual Franco-English legal system, Mauritius is today a major offshore financial center. In that jurisdiction offshore call centers can be created in the form of limited liability company or limited company. Whatever the type of company chosen, shareholders enjoy many tax benefits.