Who is planning its online shop offering sophisticated, avoiding unnecessary problems. The strategic components act as a set of verifiable milestones.

A general formula for a successful online shop offer does not exist. The type of products that target groups and the technical solutions used allow great individual freedom. Nevertheless, the existence of a long-term strategic approach is important in order to orient themselves to respond appropriately to milestones or orientation change can be.

In addition to the product range and the choice of the “real” shopping cart software solution , it is of vital importance to clarify the question of the possible methods of payment. How do you wrap off in advance, invoice or cash? German customers prefer to pay by credit card or direct debit. The software should be prepared to shop for it. Also popular are known as wallets, such as PayPal , Clickand Buy or Skrill .


Transparency is important! This applies to both layout combined with the contents. Design a consistent and above all independent corporate design (logo, color selection, letterhead, advertising, watermarks, etc.), which does not reflect its uniqueness to the online presentation. To forget the envelope contents: Try to present product information in addition to the pure contributions that are of interest for buyers. Consider a virtual “program”, which combines top offers, bargains and news. The language should use the resources of this entertaining entry, since the willingness to read long texts, decided after a few seconds.

Keep in mind when implementing your site structure, which should be as flat. This means that the use of sub is used only sparingly! The upper limit is three levels, both for the perception of the user-handling, as well as search engine optimization processes has relevance. Invest in the relationship a lot more resources before you think about the use of an ERP system. The possibility of the latter is yet to be not quite ignore, after all, should be at a very rapid growth in their shop concept in a position to respond to it without getting to technical limitations. With the use of pre-shop solutions take a look at possible capacity limitations in terms of products and categories. The sources of information, the Internet offers for this are extensive. A focal point in Germany is the website of Handlerbund .

Set a marketing concept , rightly, that corresponds to one’s own needs and resources, but also to other verifiable. Ask yourself: What reports and statistics are relevant for measurability of your sales success? Consider this not only to pure product marketing, but also to the factors of search engine optimization and customer retention. Think about what channels are available to provide advice and assistance to (phone, mail, forum, chat, blog, etc.).