Hard times for young and less young people with unemployment rampant that there is in Italy and beyond. The latest survey carried out in our country has brought to light a worrying fact: one in three young people out of work. Lack of motivation, appropriate studies or experience? The Talent Shortage Survey 2012 has in recent months conducted a survey of some Italian companies operating in various fields and took a sample. It seems paradoxical, but the locations searched are many, even if the companies are unable to recruit qualified personnel.

In the t op ten of the most sought after professionals and so on which would agree to invest who is undertaking special studies or move into the world of work, are as follows. First of all the skilled workers who according to the unanimous agreement of all companies surveyed, in short supply in large quantities. Follow secretaries, administrative assistants and personal, technical, drivers, employees in accounting and finance, business, mechanics, laborers and catering staff.


Areas, in short, are extremely varied. Why then, given the growing demand for skilled labor, then missing the right offer? The situation is complex. It appears that the primary deterrent for companies is the lack of prior experience on the part of the candidate in similar positions. By contrast, when specialization is, is the ‘ age of the candidate too mature to be a problem. On the other hand, are young people themselves to complain too close against candidates that have experience working for good, but will have to be hired by some company to begin a journey of learning and training.

It remains the fact that the areas of work on which should invest now have to do with the duties of office tied to the branches of insurance and financial while, as is clear from the survey carried out by the Talent Shortage Survey 2012, for labor are increasingly necessary with technical a high degree of specialization , porters and drivers.