The seven commandments, which are in “sales” should not believe .

1. My product does anyway “everyone”!
2. My service is so unique, the wants quite sure almost a have “every”!
3. I’ll find the right sales people, so I pay good commissions!
4. I will my seller with my product entirely determined bind to my company!
5. I’m always a step ahead of the competition! I will long to be alone with my product on the market will, oust the competition!
6. I will be present in the shortest possible time throughout the country and possibly in neighboring countries!
7. My customers will be loyal customers!

So now what are the solutions?

Before dealing with a new product or service goes into the market, you should first create the necessary internal structures. Ask what you should ask yourself in relation to distribution, summarized briefly:


# Is my sales have been strategically planned?
# How do I organize my sales. Is there a sales line?
# Are there clear job descriptions?
# How do I become recruit my employees?
# How often are there in our house-one meetings with employees?
# What are the goals I have as an entrepreneur and who knows about it?
# Are there holiday and storage sick-booth representatives for my field service personnel?
# Will I get enough feedback from my field staff (reporting)?
# What training do I offer?
# Which coaching stands my personnel available?
# Handled carefully with my customer data?
# Bin I due of personnel deficiency in title only regionally operate in?
# I know the graduation rate in my industry?
# I know my graduation rate, which has my Ver-operation?
# Inventory due to staff shortages ever, the desire for reliable sales representatives?
# How do I put myself in a new customer is the best way how my business?
# Are our own sales people “better” as a sales representative?
# I have a philosophy, a mission statement?
# How do my customers and my customers mission statement?
# How themselves an ISO-certification would affect on my business in relation to the distribution?
# Did I ever think about external coaching downstream thought? On interim or permanent?

In order to answer of these questions it is unavoidable, to be able answer all points clear. A subsequent distribution concept is to create and all the people involved should know that information. Furthermore, should one’s financier, usually the bank, get on board and also given grants in the financial sector to explore and take advantage of. sales to and expansion costs money, so they invest in advance, not during the construction costs will only be apparent from investment funds, which is her financier to assist you. It has seldom been the case that a sales organization can be financed from the cash flow. The aid of a specialist should be clarified in advance, from practical experience showed that “no gift” gets. Either pre-investment in professional advice in advance or you pay afterwards by the “DIY” learned the hard way with great frustration experiences.

That so much about sales. Self Naturally are other ranges within the company such as organization, communication, Accounting, Production, quality management, marketing and advertising raises important points, which one separated not but should see than a whole. These include other aspects in the field of marketing and sales with is paramount. A controlling system and quality management system are essential, one can not “adventures” do more with lack of structure. The costs must be transparent and up-to-date. The decisions on investment and careful consideration of outsourcing and a possible acquisition must be weighed constantly.