It is decided, your wishes for 2012 will be placed under the sign of originality.But be careful not to overdo it and stay true to the image of your company. Some advice before kickoff.

The holiday season approaching and with them, the ritual vows all over again. A tradition that keeps contact with his network, to greet a customer or supplier, or to become known to a prospect. A study by the design office, the Institute of the quality of expression, 55% of cards sent for the new year 2008were pre-formatted and consisted of a too simple Best wishes.But with a little imagination, it is easy to avoid uniformity and to stand out.

play card

Paper or card e-card

Traditional but almost inevitable, the paper chart still has a bright future ahead of it. “It is a valuable character,it is an object that is kept on his desk, for example, ensures us leader of the Curious Editions , specializing in business cards.But it deserves to be modernized. To make a picture card, two options are available: either you can ask a provider to make a custom map.In this case, the model will be unique and cost several thousand euros. Either you choose a preexisting model in a catalog of several hundred references. Not to settle for the age-old paper card, think of unexpected patterns,Just enter your text and specify the address of your contacts. The site ensures that these international shipments.

Alternatively, halfway between the original creation and existing models Sites of photo development, you choose the setting, decor and you position your photo of your choice.The card will be printed on premium photo.This solution will allow you to highlight is a flagship product, is new in your business, all or part of your team.

As for the e-card, it is the electronics for the paper chart.Convenient, fast and economical, it has advantages. “However, it still struggling to become more professional because it is often confused with the e-mail homemade.In fact, it is complementary to the paper map and shows that are known to be modern. But do not fall into the trap of easy, you lose all the benefit you bring to the wishes of the year.This is the case From where you will find panoramic photos of the capital. you can add sound (music or spoken message) to your submission. You want to go further? Think of the video! “It’s a way to communicate with more direct contact and the format allows complete freedom of both editorial and creative,it’s an email that allows technically to access the video hosted on a mini site. No risk, therefore, to saturate your mail contacts: the video can be as rich and interactive as you want.Show that you are at the forefront of interactivity by enabling the viewing of video via a flashcode.A kind of “bar code” that the recipient takes a picture with his mobile and sends it back directly to the video. Print this flashcode on your greeting cards before.

With or without a video shoot

The first, the animated video:Achieved without turning, it may take the form of a cartoon that features a product of your company.It may also be an animation or picture editing, so movie trailer, videos available.It may be associated with music of your choice and, more importantly, it is less expensive.This may take the form of an interview conducted in your company or on a green background, easily customizable in the future. But you can also involve several of your employees, thereby “humanizing” of the video.Rotate a video in-house may, on the one hand, be very unifying for employees.On the other hand, it allows customers to put a face to a name and see the people they deal with all year.The trap is to succumb to the temptation of lip dub, video clip made playback on a familiar song, in which all employees of a company.Very popular there are still three years, it is now a victim of its success.