Is finally about to be launched the reform of home ownership that effectively spell the end of conflicts every day that affect approximately 30 million Italians who live in a building in close contact with other families. The new rules , already collected in a definitive text pending approval by the House , will have new glimmers of peace working also quite drastic changes in terms of meetings, resolutions, quorums, administration and mulch-ethnicity.

We start by precisely assemblies in which the quorum will be lowered to make the task easier and to make shared decisions. For the establishment of the first call, you will need the 50% + 1 of condominiums and two thirds of milliseconds while the second call, the actual, enough 1/3 of the condos and 1/3 of thousandths . As for the resolutions, rather, 50% + 1 of the participants and 1/3 of thousandths, always at the second call and for the actual decisions.


A quorum in itself significant, it is further lowered for all the decisions that affect the energy savings , the removal of architectural barriers, parking, antennas and, more generally, everything related to health and safety of buildings Monthly. Another great innovation made ​​necessary by the fact that the condos Italians are increasingly inhabited by foreigners , is the prohibition to hold meetings during the holidays of all religions present in the building. To find out which are the days of all this holiday season you can use the Memorandum of Understanding that different religions have signed with the Italian State for coexistence and tolerance increasing.

Also reduced the misuse of powers. If building, in fact, there are at least 20 voters, only one participant in the delegation may not represent more than 1/5 of the condos and 1/5 of thousandths. ‘S administrator, however, will be worth transparency requirements Sula financial management of the condominium, the mandate will be two years and may not take compensation for overtime work. As for our four-legged friends , finally, it will be forbidden to forbid pets in the apartments.