Continuing an interesting topic for several weeks on auto insurance, the Insurance Information Insittute (III), an organization to disseminate information on all types of insurance, offers further clarification on other popular myths about auto insurance policies.

¤ Your credit does not affect the price of insurance , Yes influences, as your insurance credit score measures how well you manage your financial affairs, not your property. Insurers take into account your credit position when you buy insurance, renew or change the insurance coverage.


¤ If someone else drive your car, that person’s insurance will cover damages if an accident . In most states, auto insurance of the vehicle involved in an accident is considered the safe main to be used to cover damages caused in the accident. Policies and laws vary by state, so each driver must become familiar with the requirements in your state and with the contents of your particular policy before lending the car to someone else to handle it.

¤ The soldiers pay more auto insurance than civilians , no matter what military branch desempeñes you: if you are military you may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. In many cases a simple call from your supervisor or commander officer is sufficient to establish that you’re a military officer and grant the corresponding discount, but other insurers may require you to submit some form of communication to substantiate your military status. Also, many insurers also provide discounts for military retirees or veterans of any branch and their families.

¤ The personal automobile insurance covers if you use it for work or business not always. If you work independently on their own and use the car for that purpose, your personal automobile insurance may not give you enough coverage. The auto insurance business are usually slightly more expensive than auto insurance for personal use. The best way to keep the cost of auto insurance is personal or business use it, is that drivers maintain good driving record free of accidents or tickets. If you take an insurance business for the company car, make sure that people who handle it are added to the insurance and that they have a good driving record with no tickets or accidents for which the ring does not increase. At least twice a year check the driving record of your employees to confirm that maintain a good record of safe driving.