The economy falls, the purchasing power of households is not likely to grow. The line of the government seems to be insufficient to counter this serious crisis that is affecting all aspects of our country. As always, those who suffer most are the families, both at present and in the future. Just talking about investing in the future, ISTAT has recently published other data that photograph a situation that seems to the total drop. In fact the last trimmer of 2011, mortgages have plummeted , recording a drop of more than 14% . The situation seems even more serious when one considers that in the period of 2010, there is even a drop of 31.3% . This decrease is due to the collapse of the real estate mortgage loans funded, -19.6%, along with those not guarantee, real estate mortgage, which recorded a -48%. The decrease in total recorded compared to 2006 is 29%.

These bad data join those recently published, for which the rate on loans up 1.6% in April 2012, an increase of 0.3% compared to March. The interest rates on new loans to the company non-financial are coming up slightly to 3.68% in April against 3.58% in March. Interest rates, inclusive of fees, on loans for the purchase of homes delivered in April to households decreased to 4.37% from 4.54% the previous month, and those on new loans for consumer credit fell to 9.95 percent from 9.99 in March. The rates payable on the total of deposits outstanding amounted to 1, 22 %.


All these data comment on a situation that is getting alarming. At this point we are waiting, without much enthusiasm data from the first quarter of 2012, however, aware that the credit crunch (also called credit crunch) is now oppressing the consumers with increasingly higher rates and less favorable conditions. Despite constant assurances from economists who are talking about a crisis that seems to be winding down, now look bigger to fill the damages caused by the crisis than the crisis itself.