In September the banks placed 2,934 mortgages , the highest figure since May. BBVA reports record on these loans. For the first time in two mortgage banks soles and are cheaper than in dollars. The delivery of new housing loans accelerated in September and October, after moderate in the previous three months.

In September the banks placed 2,934 mortgages, the highest since May, according to statistics from the Banking, Insurance and AFP ( SBS ). Similar dynamics are observed in October, said general manager of BBVA Continental, Eduardo Torres Llosa, who commented: “We are very strong with the placement of mortgages. In September we had record revenue month, also in financing to businesses and individuals. ”


Meanwhile, general manager my Home Fund , Gerardo Freiberg, coincided in highlighting the growth of mortgage lending in the past two months. Although he emphasized the biggest boost mortgage demand by the middle class and the emerging segment, in contrast to some cooling of the requests by the socioeconomic A.

The rise in home loans in September and October differs from previous months, when banks more cautious observed in the demand of people for such credits. So far this year, the balance of the mortgage loans increased by S /. 6.396 million, for a total of S /. 27.647 million in September.

Rates close

Another trend is marked in this type of loan is the approach of interest rates in soles and dollars, to the increase of the latter by the greater demand for foreign currency reserve banks by the monetary authority ( BCR ). The average interest rate of mortgages in soles in the banking system is at 9.21%, while the dollar amounts to 8.6%. Even in two 10 banks that extend these loans, average rates in national currency and are lower than in dollars.

Freiberg noted that the participation of more players in the mortgage market is sincerer, and helping it to expand faster. “The high concentration of mortgages, which focused on four banks, now beginning to disperse because there are other players such as medium banks, municipal banks, rural banks, financial and enzymes that tackles are entering that market,” he said.

What’s next

More my Home benefits

Better access. The interest rates of loans my Home program will remain stable, because it is looking to add certain benefits to such loans, said Gary Freiberg. He added that the participation of more financial institutions in the mortgage market competition rises, democratizes these loans and will improve the customers.


26,678 CREDITS housing the banking system disbursed between January and September. 200,000 DEBTORS mortgage and reported throughout the financial system.