Unfortunately most people do not know how to manage their personal finances, because the impulses are carried.

Regardless of salary, you can make the money go further if practiced good financial habits avoiding unnecessary spending. In fact, the more you win, it’s even more important to use your bank account to accumulate wealth. Personal finance is not only about money and find financial formulas, it is very important to know also control what you buy, because you need to keep track of all expenses, income, savings, and checking financial goals. This should be done daily detailing every penny.

Do not use credit card

The credit card is the most evil that eliminates your money, credit cards are a business to enrich the banks where you lose your own money, in addition to increasing the debts you have. Maybe credit cards offer an easy way to buy a short-term loan, supposedly free of “interests.” But if you keep your debt every month at very high interest rates, credit cards have to be used more than is necessary, for the reason of not having money in their accounts. The credit cards make it easy and tempting to spend money we do not have, so it is best not to use them, cancel them and have debit cards.


Remove the cards

Never stop paying your debt on the credit card if still uses besides just making minimum monthly payments, as they continue to accumulate interest on its outstanding debt. Make only the minimum monthly payment can lead to a debt on your card with a high interest for many years. If you have a tendency to charge everything to your card and spend more than what comes in, there is only one solution: Get rid of your credit cards. If you are called to offer one, they always do, it is better to say you do not need.

How to live without credit cards

People always say that it is necessary credit card, but why would reality are checks and debit cards?, You can live without buying anything with a credit card. In some cases it would be nice to have one for the credit, since in some cases to apply for some services is necessary, but otherwise there is no reason to use them, debit cards or checks supplement this need and do not borrow.

Nobody needs to have more than one credit card, there are even people who are 15 and 20, shattering life, you can live with (and indeed with any), but given the wide acceptance of the majority of people really this Plastic is not necessary. People become slaves to buy in stores, however it is best not to buy or a thread, one enjoys more walking. These cards not only charge extremely high interest rates if that motivate compulsive buying, in other words the more credit lines you have, the greater the temptation to spend what is not.

Debit cards

It can be a bit tedious at times to pay by check, plus they carry a checkbook with you always give the possibility of losing, so piggy cards are the best choice, because you take control of your money in your wallet, spend in the same way that credit card, but spend your money available and no debts that the bank offers.


you should try to pay off all debts, work a little harder without spending and keep a low balance in your checking account, often making the balance of their accounts, and that not doing this consistently increase the possibility that charges will increase unnecessary checks.