We speak of the evolution of communication processes. Denaturing its true essence, today makes use of NLP, called simply GNP , which administration methodology techniques for sales agents, sales and related relevant to the business world. We could say that NLP is a distillation of marketing strategies ready to use that provides additional technical user; techniques that can be added to the intervention and motivational training of the coach. It is “mnemonics” easy to put in place of where the marketing wisely to serve more or less as a plumber draws from his toolbox.

By itself, the GNP was born in 1975 in psychotherapeutic purposes in the United States and is the result of the behavioral study of the great communicators of the time, which were extracted from the strategies used in an instinctive way that led to great results. Since then, the GNP has spread to many areas including psychology, business training, the marketing , not excluding environments radio and television and the same policy. And ‘now considered the most powerful technique of manipulation of human thought never existed so we could say that the implementation of its strategic levers used in marketing to generate power. In other words, NLP can be considered the most sophisticated instruction manual to operate the perception of reality.


But let’s give some examples to understand how to work the techniques of NLP in the perception of events or behaviors in order to understand how to use them wisely. Take the case of our former Prime Minister (but we could talk about any other well-known politician) who has a vested interest in spreading his fame. During the previous legislature has used at least three means of communication media: a band-aid on his face (remember when he was struck?), A figurine with two scales (in his speeches), a woman associated with his public successes (the Eagle). The medicine in the face is what is called a meta message in NLP in practice a nonverbal message that by gripping the view affects the human feeling. The two scales are a well-known audio-visual that outlines the mission policy of balance between justice and the judiciary. The message of the woman (visual-auditory-kinetic) was clearly aimed at capturing the attention into perceiving a version of reality to the people viewers.

It ‘almost clear that the power of the words would not reach the same effects as the human attention would be dissolved in the street and the senses would have been under exploited, since they are the channels of conveyance within the mind, the more you use and the more you center. The amplitude of the theme of GNP and is particularly articulated in the field of marketing and especially interesting to develop in response to new frontiers of e-commerce. The investigation should go towards research “models” and “values” that contribute to program a brain, but all of these issues can be further explored in Internet.