Delegation appraisal interview , some managerial actions can remobilize for sure your employees. A condition Provided that they are conducted under the rules of art.

Participate in a “tour” with its vendors is one of the missions of the entrepreneur or his business manager. This is particularly the opportunity to train junior and strengthen the skills of the senior. Our advice for this exercise is not running at the exam.

How do I know what is really worth your commercial sales meeting? Answer: by joining him! This is the best method to get a practical overview of its capabilities, knowledge and behavior.”Nothing in your team should escape the accompaniment on the ground”, asserts Cohen, president of Memento Council , consultancy and training in business efficiency. Everyone finds their interest.The junior becomes progressive and customized training on the fundamentals of his profession, supply and marketing practices of the company.The senior perfected his knowledge of products, including the latest, and tools at its disposal.If necessary, a booster shot on some sales techniques allows him to get rid of bad habits detrimental to the success of the interview.One to three trips per week for two to four months is a suitable frequency for a novice.The rate for an experienced employee is more than three to six times per year.


Whatever the experience level of the mall, a manager must spend time together with any vendor whose results are poor or whose agenda is artificially inflated.Here, it is simply to control his subordinate. The surprise must be in order.In other cases, Nicolas Caron, associate director of Halifax consulting, agency sales training,negotiation and commercial management, recommended to prevent the person concerned. “Go with him to go to customers without having warned a few days earlier generates stress. “But the goal is not to destabilize your staff as it prepares to try to win contracts!Better to be honest.Explain that your goal is to identify areas for improvement, useful both for personal development for the enterprise.You may well convince the refractory,” added the expert.Ideally, then, is to agree on all channels that offer a variety of situations (with buyers, loyal customers, prospects, etc.)A variety of different sales scenarios allows a more complete assessment.

we suggests to agree before the start of the division of roles.Who will speak first?When does the manager will be involved?How do you justify to work in pairs? How to react if the business loses the thread? So many questions that it is imperative to have found answers before getting in the car. even if it is the first interview conducted in duet with a commercial beginner, you should let him speak at some point.Even if only to occur in the first place. At the next visit, invite him to present the options of a product.Then, later, to present the company. Until at the end of the intensive phase of support, it is capable of carrying only 80% of the appointment. “For more seasoned sellers, focusing on a key element seems more appropriate,” said the expert.If you have noticed during training sessions, for example, his argument that sin is at the time of the interview that you will give him the floor. Alternatively, let your newest present so that you form an opinion on his knowledge of your offer.

Keep in mind that this exercise must remain constructive.This is not the time to stress your subject by reminding his annual sales target or erecting him a negative picture of developments in the sector. Instead, be sure to congratulate him and reassure him about his ability to progress.