A good management is given by a set of aspects which include management of an enterprise, its organization, the operational capabilities of the departments by an individual point of view and in their mutual relations, to the productive results. In many cases, manage time , and be able to optimize it, may be the key to the productivity of a business leaders . The distractions and procrastination are elements that reduce productivity and results . To create a favorable environment and achieve the goals prefixes, time is therefore a key factor . Using best practices and a bit ‘of discipline will not be difficult to get good results .


To manage well your time , managers must first know him, and in particular to know the times of his body, to organize the working day according to their own schedules, carrying out complex tasks in the time of day when their energies are greater. In most cases the time at which the forces are concentrated is the early morning , so it will be at that time that the farmer will have to make the most of their potential. The various tasks of the manager should be distributed in a ladder priority, to avoid riots and wasting energy, and eliminate the risk of forgetting steps that can be important to the enterprise itself. The moment you feel ready, more focused, you spread out a schedule of what to do on a daily or weekly basis depending on the type of business and management , assigning to each task a fixed term and indicating the day of the week or the ‘time of day at which the task must be dealt with and concluded.

Optimizing the time also means being able to distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary. Organize your routine to the mundane tasks that take place on a regular basis, it makes the individual work and team effectively. The concentration over time adapts to the effort of a chore without generating stress. To avoid tiring or losing valuable time changing from one task to another, it is advisable to group similar or related activities and schedule. For example, calls may be made ​​at the same time of day in a row, like sending mail, fandango from the list on their agenda the steps taken. For more complex tasks , such as setting up a marketing strategy or the writing of a project, the mental effort can be high and, beyond a certain limit, the time might elapse without giving results. In this case, it helps to know your body: take a break, a coffee, take a short walk or talk for a few minutes with someone else can be used to recharge back to work productively after 10 minutes.

Managing a company in which there are other workers can be very difficult if you can not manage their own forces and their time Identify the times of the business day on which waste your time will help you organize them in a different way, to limit the problem and maybe play in those moments, occurring generally always the same times, the simplest actions if you check that there is always one and the same situation or why you are wasting time, consider the ‘ whether to delete it from your “temptations”: for example, if the application of cellular make you spend too much time on the small screen, consider whether it is not appropriate to do without it. Finally, it is good that the workplace has its own order If in the office there are many useless objects, the work will slow down to avoid wasting time in search for a document shed on the cluttered desk, it may be enough to organize all the files in folders, taking care to clean the dossier also depleted email can be organized in folders Moreover, it is well to bear in mind that having an office clean and free of objects also acts on mood: everything seems perfect, even ideas.