What should you look for when you entrust the search for your dream home a realtor.

Who indeed has enough money to buy, but too little time to yourself to look for a house or an apartment can use the services of a broker to complete. A realtor must show no special skills or undergo special training in order to practice his profession. The only entrance requirement is an entry in the commercial register. Basically, so everyone can exercise the profession of estate agent. He must be a case, however, keep to the terms of the brokerage and property development regulation. The easy access conditions entice a few “black sheep” to try his luck in this business. Although dubious practices in the brokerage business, the exception, but unfortunately they come again and again. And just to the integration of mediation and financial services more severe. Many brokers are not limited to the mere procurement activity. They advise their clients in the entire process of buying and financing.

The broker in a double role

The real estate agents often occurs as a counselor to the buyer. It provides information about the market situation, the market value of various items of eligible and the scope for negotiation on pricing (if the buyer does not insist on a fixed price). Although there are many quite honest broker mean by this service, you should consider this advice but with reservations. The broker can act for both parties: the provider and the prospects for a property. Since the interests of the buyer naturally not coincide with the interests of the seller (at least for the price) is a serious “advocacy” for both parties, of course, impossible.


For his (successful) service gives the broker a percentage of the purchase price as commission. He may agree with either party payments. Sometimes only the buyer will have to pay. The amount of commission received by a real estate agent for his mediation work is negotiable and varies by region. Depending on the area and market conditions, the charges vary usually between three and six percent plus VAT. Are legally binding ceilings not. Usury is forbidden even though prices here. However, it is mandatory limits on the provision of rental housing. More than two net rent plus VAT should not charge a broker, according to law in rental housing agency for its actions.

Buying commission set before

The amount of the commission should adhere strictly as a buyer in writing. Other important issues that come with a broker visit to the language, you should note. A real estate broker does not necessarily require a written agreement to manage a brokerage business. When he calls the buyer’s address of a seller, the party concerned has entered into a binding agreement with the broker. He acquired the said property, he must pay a commission (even if he learns the address of the seller nor any other source).

Although no conclusion is reached, can the broker from his clients being reimbursed for expenses demand for example, the cost of advertisements or phone calls. Upon a successful completion, these costs can be included in the commission fee. This issue should be clarified as a buyer before contract award, and also put down in writing. Voluntary interest groups of the real estate brokers are the Ring of German Estate Agents and the Association of German agents . These professional organizations are committed to protecting the confidential relationship between client and broker. Their statutes commit members in a special way of proper business conduct.