The card credit is one of the objects currently the most widely used because of its great utility. But it can happen to lose or be robbed of their paper credit. When we are certain to have been looted or have lost our credit card, we must act immediately and proceed to block the card. In these cases, we should not panic, and above all we must not lose time, but proceed at once to his block, in order to avoid, as sure in case of theft, which is in the hands of dishonest. It is not easy to get the compensation funds that have been taken, for this is a must act quickly.

The procedure to perform this operation is simple and fast,’s discover together. The first thing to do in these cases is to immediately call the toll free number that your card provides precisely for any theft or loss. Of course, every paper, according to the bank from which it is issued, has its own toll-free number.

credit -card

The number in question is usually stated in the document that is delivered with the paper, and we would do well to take with us. Once the call, the operator will communicate the number of ” code block “, which of course we will have to write down. As soon as the requested block through the telephone service, we must then file a complaint of theft or loss at the police or the police.

Finally, it is best if within two working days following confirm via a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt of the request block on the card, not forgetting to enclose a copy of the complaint we filed. Usually after a couple of weeks we will be sent directly to our house the new credit card with it, after a while, the new code secret.