Launched by Cyrille Chartier-Kastler, president of consulting firm Facts & Figures, the website Good Value for Money aims to provide investors with life insurance benefiting from a good value for money. Upstream of the selected products independently over a wide range of criteria.

In creating the concept of “prescriber insurance on the internet” for the general public, Cyrille Chartier-Kaslter says: “It’s not a comparator or an insurance broker or a consultant financial investment. ” With the website Good Value for Money (GVfM), the founder of the consulting firm Facts & Figures wishes to address the needs of individuals seeking life insurance quality, offering value-for money . And to justify its independence vis-a-vis insurance institutions, Cyrille Chartier-Kastler hold 100% indicates the website and not accept any advertising. As well as product selection is not made ​​on “a flat comparison approach” , but rather on what is “under the hood of products”.


A drastic selection

To be listed on the website, institutions have the complete a questionnaire with 70 criteria for assessing the standard savings contracts and property, and 55 individual pension products and pension Madelin. In particular were taken into account: the weight of sovereign debt of peripheral countries in the euro area and real estate in the euro assets, and the weight of the provision for participation in surplus. As for the units of account, the scoring criteria are different depending on whether the savings either standard or heritage. “For standard contracts, we considered that the presence of ten funds was risky enough. We also look at the range of funds is not monogestionnaire, and if the option of rebalancing is offered to the customer “, says Cyrille Chartier-Kastler. Note that the selection is renewed cycle of six months for each product line in particular to consider the revision of the rubrics. Of 110 insurance companies contacted, only thirty were present, very few of bancassurance. Ultimately, 18 contracts have been retained by GVfM.


Compensation side, the site charges for insurers evaluating products and linking with the Internet. In addition, the president of Facts & Figures says “not charging twice for the same linking.” At the end of 2012, the site hopes to reach 50,000 visitors per month, and 1000 put in relation. In September, individual insurance quotes will also be added to those in standard savings and assets, as well as individual retirement and Madelin, already online.