We are used to hearing about last minute, two simple little words that are translated into Italian means “last minute” and those that indicate travel packages purchased for just shortly before his departure. If this formula has been a great success is undoubtedly due to the savings that involves: giving up a booking in advance you get the discounts are quite remarkable.

But this time there talk about the well known packages last minute, but their closest relatives, the so-called last second . This formula is a bit ‘less well known but is catching lately. To facilitate its dissemination certainly the economic crisis that has affected more or less all the Italians, and the fact that the last second is a solution that fully suited to this historical period. It is even cheaper than the last minute, thus protecting the pockets of many travelers.

In practice, the last second of the last minute are originally, when a last minute does not get the response hoped for by the customers, tour operators , just to avoid the risk of a possible suspect but no sale, decide to apply the discounts as further one moves closer to the date of departure. Here is that in this way, what the base was a last minute ends up becoming a last second. Just as with the last minute, even to the last second is the web the best place to find the offer that suits their own and make a reservation.


There are lots of websites dedicated to this type of travel-packages, which usually include more than the flight also the movement and residence. Of course you have to be willing to take advantage of it to pack in a very short time, because the very last second provides a margin of programming starting very low (24-48 hours). But attention to a number of factors, the penalty for the cancellation of the per-departure vaccinations: Starting at short notice does not mean neglecting important issues.