With Law 92/2012, the government wanted to reform the labor market, changing the regulation of the provision of casual labor . With this reform has also confirmed the role of INPS dealer of the service itself. Today it is possible to make the payment of benefits by a casual worker through “good” from the nominal value of 10 euro. Let us see some tips on how to pay the small collaborations with the voucher.

As we have already seen in the introduction of the voucher are good from the nominal value of 10 euro. But they are also available vouchers with a face value of 50 euro or 20 euro size. The validity period of these coupons is 24 months from the time of purchase which can be done either through the branches of INPS, all post offices within the national territory, at banks authorized for this type of service and Finally, at all retailers of monopolies which display the window sticker for membership to this service. You can also buy vouchers through the door telematics INPS.


Let’s quickly what it is. Vouchers are a new form of remuneration that can be used as compensation to all providers of casual labor. You can then pay for small expenses such as work carried out in your home or at our condo, in all respect for the law without the need to enter into and sign agreements. The usual practice is to just pay the worker that performs certain tasks, their employing these coupons, which include a portion of fees paid, a portion of Social Security and one of INAL. With this methodology , those who provide labor, is perfectly covered from the point of view of health, pension, also there is no obligation to make further payments as have already been made ​​directly by the employer .

The vouchers have a face value of 10 euro, but the practical side, when the worker will go to collect them, the data will be only 7.50 € cipher that broadly reflects the hourly wage. You can use two vouchers for each working hour in case the cost of were higher. The rest are costs. These coupons are a real opportunity for some categories, such as laid off, unemployed, pensioners, students, workers on the move. The job categories that can be paid with this mode are: babysitting, gardening work, emergency work, activity farm, private lessons. The employee can perform the work or activities without exceeding the threshold of 5000 € net per year for each employer.