Many have heard the phrase “Money is not everything, because there are more important”, but from all points of view Is it so?

The company has a unique structure, which makes the money is an important part in the life of human beings, capable of giving many material and immaterial. When a person has money can buy what they want, you can give your family a dignified and rewarding and unlike the poor person, who has money can even have justice on their behalf. It is very common to hear people say that money does not bring happiness, because happiness is something many hoes independent and can be poor, but happy. But happiness is a relative and fleeting emotion that comes only at times. Talk and think only of money makes a person earns the reputation of materialistic and ambitious, but tend to think that money is the fault of society, because we have to work to earn money, you have to study to get a good job and earn money, only money can get a good quality of life and buy what you need and no money you have nothing.

The power of money

If you talk about absolutely worthless money, because when a person dies or all the gold in the world can resurrect. Money is a round piece of metal or a rectangular paper says have a value, but in reality what they value human beings, because money is not pretty, not shine, does not smell good, do not eat, among others, so in terms of absolute value is nothing. If you talk about a less general, money is extremely important, as alone may not serve, but it is the intermediary to have a good life. With money you can buy a home, food, clothing, see a doctor when ill, purchasing a vehicle, given their tastes, among others, which sets the standard in quality of life issues is money more important.


Did it?

Definitely not everything, because of how it is structured nature. The normal process of human beings and living things in general are born, grow, reproduce and die and meet the latest stage, none of the material things, or anything that is left in the land of that person will serve as anything, since it is rumored that after death there is a world power in this world and the material useless. Perhaps at the material itself does all the money, because without it a person is bound to have poverty, limitations and many concerns.

It is true that those who have money do not escape from the worries and problems, but the difference is how to deal with. The conclusion is that money is a very important and indispensable part in the life of human beings, able to acquire whatever, but with its limitations, because health and life are things that even manages to recover the money. So in life you have to fight for money, but to save and accumulate, but to enjoy it, because death is a question that can come at any time and if you have not enjoyed life, nothing will have been fighting both because in the end you can not make use of that which has cost so much work.