ITrade Application for Trading Forex Trading announces on its website that is not yet compatible with the new Apple operating system, iPhone OS 4(IOS).

Everyone knows that when it conducts an updated operating system compatibility problems may arise: programs that worked in the old system they stop in the new.
To date, this was a problem almost exclusive to PCs, but today with mobile phones as powerful as computers a few years ago, the problem also can occur in a phone like the iPhone.


ITrade application to operate in the Forex market with the iPhone 4G

In the iTrade website You can see how the change of operating system has caught people off guard FxPro. In the section on downloading your free iPhone app can read the text “Currently not compatible with iPhone OS 4″(” Not currently compatible with iPhone OS 4 “in Castilian).

The new revision of Apple’s mobile, iPhone 4G, which has just hit the market, comes standard with this version of the operating system, so that those who are lucky enough to buy (to Spain will not arrive until late July, if not delayed) Can not install the application FxPro to keep the currency movements and commodities (gold, Silver, oil) and generally everything about the Forex market.

Although its not an iPhone iPhone 4, no update

However, it only uses the iPhone 4G new operating system version. Also the earlier models of mobile Apple can be updated and reap its benefits, such as multitasking or the ability to group applications in folders or folders.

So, when you connect iPhone to your computer, iTunes warns the user that an update is available. If accepted, the iPhone OS 4 will be downloaded from the network and installed on your mobile phone, leaving unusable since then iTrade application.
Therefore, anyone who has installed this in your terminal application, you must be careful not to update your phone.

ITrade, turning the iPhone into a Business Phone

Trade, application FxPro group (global broker Forex market) is a complete program for iPhone, created for customers of that broker can perform various actions at any time of Forex trading, Such as:

Open a new order.

Modify the open positions.

Open a pending order.

Modify a pending order.

Confirming an order.

Using charts trading.

In addition, the program allows customers to keep track with all of its shares trading, In case you need to consult at some point, as well as access to data and statistics of interest values bid, ask and spread currency, in real time.

What if I’ve updated the iPhone? Investing in Forex Trading from the website

If you have already updated to version 4 of the iPhone operating system, application Trade not work. Make a downgrade system and return to a previous version is not easy with an iPhone, so the best thing users can do is wait for people to take a FxPro update application, so it is compatible with iOS 4, which should not take long.

Meanwhile, you can access the same options Forex market from the iPhone’s Web browser by accessing the website FxPro. A less comfortable than that provided by the application, but at least allowed to continue operation anywhere, anytime.