Silver is a millionaire who has inversions many people, also known as one of the most accessible and secure investments in the world

From immemorial years silver has been used as currency for goods and since then he has a high value. Value rises with time alone. Currently the main silver producers are Mexico, Peru and China. To invest in silver should not be a millionaire, much less have high levels of knowledge in economics and finance. Here I will show you step by step the history of investments in silver and how you can do the same.

Some uses of silver

* Photo: On the sensitivity to light.
* Medicine: Despite the lack of toxicity, is applicable mostly external use. One example is silver nitrate used to remove warts.
* Electronics: due to its high conductivity is increasingly employed, for example, the contacts in integrated circuits and computer keyboards.
* Mirrors of high reflectivity of visible light, the common aluminum are made.
* In the assembly of computers: Commonly used compounds mainly formed of pure silver for attaching the plate to the base microprocessor sink, and thus cool the processor due to its heat conducting properties.

Silver price for years

By 1960 the price of silver was around $ 0.61 U.S. dollars. By 1970 almost doubled the price reaching $ 1.61 per ounce. In 1980 the scam happens Hunt brothers, to be discussed later, and causes the silver up 1000% reaching $ 16.39. After that the ground floor dramatically and remains around $ 4 for the next twenty years. In 2005 silver was priced at $ 7.31 and for 2009 doubled, touching the $ 14.67 per ounce. What is amazing is because the price of 2010 was set at $ 20.19. 2011 was an extraordinary year, amounted to $ 35.12. But because of the European economic crisis the price of silver low in 2012, settling at $ 31.15 per ounce.


In 1997 Warren Buffet bought 130 million ounces of silver, about $ 585 million. But it was in May 2006 when he announced that his company no longer had any silver.

Hunt Brothers Scam

These brothers were all characters in the decade of the nineteen seventies and eighties. In 1973 started buying all the silver they could. They came from a wealthy family and business, what they do not cause trouble to acquire a large amount of silver. By 1979 it was estimated that they had in their hands more than one hundred million ounces of silver. Speculation in the price of silver in those months caused it reached as high as $ 55 per ounce, and this also caused the gold and other precious metal rise. The Hunt brothers had in their possession more than $ 6, 000, 000, 000 dollars in silver. Did not take long for authorities discovered and managed their scam speculation and price collapse to $ 4 in 1982. Currently the Hunt brothers are captains of horse racing.

How to invest in silver

Many banks offer the option to purchase precious metals in the form of commemorative coins of the country or symbolic. These are the most common to invest in silver, just buy, you save time and depending on where you want to sell can be sold back to the bank. Another way to invest in silver is through internet, The only disadvantage of this method is that you never get to have the physical silver, as if you bought the same coin. And 80% of these sites are scams, so you have to be careful in these media.

Forecast for the future

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has been very beneficial for silver. Has promoted its use in other fields besides the jewelry industry as well as solar panels, batteries, and chemical processes more environmentally friendly. With this and his next four years as president is forecast that by 2014 the silver has an average price of $ 50 usd, reflecting strong demand for this material.


Silver can have these ups and downs while investing in it, but being an essential metal for the manufacture of electronics and renewable energy will always end with a price rise. If after reading this article you decide to invest in silver is a great choice, if you spend the time and lowers the value of silver not worry, sooner or later get it back and the price will go up more. No investment to stay stagnant. Today is one of the most stable investments that tagging offers.