Before making an investment of any kind, it is essential to properly assess the risks and chances of success of any project to study the relevance of a particular activity in a particular place.

Today, an autarkic policy is no longer appropriate, as the diversity of activities, ideas, and especially the demands of globalization and globalization tend to make our old Earth, a simple village, great course, but where everyone depends on each other. Mainly because of the development of new technologies, the world we know has become a huge playground that everyone can go in the blink of an eye. We are now seeing the birth of a new society, a mixture of all cultures, leading inevitably to the establishment of a common international culture.


Indeed, the ease of travel combined with the insatiable desire for adventure of the human being that the natural physical limits are pushed further and further, to the economic environment in the business and the entrepreneurship, the emergence of opportunities. Today’s world is like a giant monopoly, which appear scattered on the map, to seize economic opportunities, the player daring everything to gain by making the right investment at the right time and right place. Among those “right places”, an island in the Indian Ocean, pretends bright spot on this map as a treasure that shine more than others, in the midst of thousands of precious objects. This island is Madagascar, Red, the Big Island.

Investing in Madagascar in a very profitable

Investing in Madagascar according to some, a challenge, a waste of time. But it is without knowing really what Madagascar has to offer, the riches that are hiding and waiting to be discovered, because let it be said, the Big Island is not just a rock thrown in the middle of the Indian Ocean by the Creator, but is actually a nugget, a precious stone emerging from the ocean, a pearl nestled in the lush grandeur that is the Mozambique Channel and Indian Ocean.

Madagascar has many advantages for foreign investors who might see a major economic hub, instead of a simple dream island. Indeed, the economic environment itself is an invitation for investment, as the government’s efforts are important to allow that Madagascar is easily accessible, yet successful, as evidenced by the recent establishment of the Economic Development Board of Madagascar or EDBM, to assist investors in all the required administrative procedures for setting up a business in Madagascar. Playing a facilitating role, the institution can independently set up a business in less than a week.

Business opportunities in Madagascar

While these provisions make conciliatory Madagascar essential to a business location off Africa, but the main strength of the Big Island lies in its young population, hardworking and above all cheap. Indeed, like all developing countries, Madagascar is a real pool of hardworking and efficient workers, as evidenced by the experience of several large foreign companies, including key executives are young Malagasy, dynamic and motivated.The Malagasy market has, in turn, a range of different activities that will make the delight of professionals. Thus, sectors such as electronics, construction, food or chemical industry, offering thousands of investment opportunities as successful as each other.

Ideally located off the coast of Africa, intermediate station between Africa and Asia, served by five international airports and six international ports, boasting an Internet connection optical cable or satellite, rich in land, resources and into opportunities, Madagascar is the ideal playground for investors looking for profitable activities. Destined to become the hub of the economy in the Indian Ocean, the Big Island is an important economic partner.