Graphene is a carbon-based material with unique qualities: it is an excellent conductor, has incredible strength and is lightweight and flexible.

Graphene is a material whose potential homeless. It is showing as the material of the future, therefore, also represents the possibilities of making money by investing in the companies that produce or market, both in its application and in the material itself.

What is and how it applies graphene

Graphene is a carbon-based material. Is a sheet thickness of a carbon atom in a crystal lattice honeycomb. Is a two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms with a series of joint properties until today are recognized in other materials, such its electric conductivity, hardness (between 200 and 300 times that of steel), its properties electronic, thermal, mechanical and optical, flexibility and lightness.

These properties make involves a high economic impact that plastics were in the twentieth century. The applications that are being developed with graphene covering the field of information and communication technologies, composite materials, energy, and biotechnology.


Investing in graphene revolution

Investing in graphene refers to financial tricks, mergers, and acquisitions, questionable bets or play with settings. On the contrary, it is a time advantage that real things are generated by persons and companies. Graphene is believed to change the vision and reshape all our possibilities of industrial and commercial production, so this modest carbon derived, similar to atomic-scale chicken wire, has set the research community of the technological world.

Benefits of graphene

We said that is 200 to 300 times stronger than steel and harder than a diamond. Graphene is already in the core of simple things like a pencil (graphite is mine) and coal, but it is now essential in carbon nanotubes in supercapacitors and superconductors.

The researchers are finding dozens of possible applications and amazing properties that have the potential to revolutionize many industries, including sensors, batteries, computers, monitors, notebook technology, electronics, power generation, medicine, etc.

Its hardness is not an obstacle to be one of the world’s thinnest material, so thin that a graphene sheet is considered a 2-dimensional object. To this is added finesse it’s flexible and transparent and its properties as with conductor of electricity and heat.

Graphene applications in medicine

On the basis of carbon, can enter the body without altering the immune system, which is essential for diagnosis and for drug administration and interaction. It can also help reconstruct the bones and create structures for the processing and generation of organs and tissues.

Investing in graphene stock

Commercial applications of graphene are limitless, in fact, the European Union is pushing plans for a study of the possibilities of this material.

Regarding small investors, graphene is a very limited market, at least for now.

That’s why they offer guides or track major companies engaged in the extraction of graphite.

The main component of graphene, as companies and institutions that are investigating their applications. The companies that sell them are considered as one of the main areas of global economic activity in the coming decades.