Among the various types of investment possible, invest in gold has long been common practice for both small and large investors. As with all investments, even in this case there are a number of basic information to know before you choose which mode to entrust their money make money. First, it should specify that you can invest in buying gold coins and bars (in this case we speak of physical gold ) or through the “financial gold.” The two types, both full of pros and cons to be known in detail before facing the choice, the investor can yield a substantial gain also investing minimum amounts.

In the case of gold coins worth the market value of the currency itself. The value is calculated based on the market price when you multiply the weight in grams contained in individual currencies. To this must be added the so-called spread a minimum additional representing the gain of the seller. The smaller the size of the coin, the greater the spread. In the case in which the coin is made ​​up of gold and other materials, however, the calculation is made ​​on the carat. The pure gold, in essence, is composed of 24 karat which determines its purity while in the case of alloys with other metals could have coins with 18/24 carats and so on.


Investing in gold with the coins you can get substantial gains without high start-up costs. Important to remember, though, that these types do not belong the collector coins whose value is intrinsically linked to their rarity rather than the gold content. Another interesting investment in physical gold is that of bullion . Usually this word evokes in us the idea that it is of massive quantities of this material but the reality is quite different. The producers, in fact, sell to investors even ingots weighing a few grams to allow everyone to invest in this precious metal without incurring exorbitant costs. Once you buy the ingot will be able to keep it at home or at the bank vault where, at a cost periodical, you can make sure metal protection in a special safe. L ‘ financial gold , however, can invest without physically buying gold and often proves to be the best solution for all types of investor understanding the risks to which it is exposed related to possible change in the market.

One of the most common tools for investing in gold is the ‘ ETC stands for Exchange Traded Commodities . ETC These are nothing more than funds that seek to track the price (or benchmark) of the raw material of interest. To put it simple, then, if in a given day, the price of gold has risen by one percentage point, even the ETC will try to climb the same threshold. Like all commodities in the world, however, the price is in U.S. dollars . In addition to the fluctuations in the price of gold on the market, therefore, will need to pay attention to the euro / dollar exchange so that a positive value for the ETC does not allow foreign currency to lose its value.