Tanger is a Moroccan city located close to Europe. There are two zones that are havens for foreign investors. Create an offshore company in Tangier offers several advantages. Geographically, the city is only 14 km from Europe. In addition, offshore companies enjoy many tax benefits. Finally, the administrative formalities for the creation of an offshore company are very flexible.

Presentation of zones of Tangier:

In just a few years, Tangier was a dazzling economic boom. Economic hub in northern Africa, the city shines today by the presence of two zones:

* Tanger Med
* Tanger Free Zone.

The financial and tax advantages offered by these two areas attract a growing number of investors.


Tangier, an economic hub:

The Tanger Med is a huge deep-water port which employs 100,000 people. As for the Tanger Free Zone is a center where economic activity is increasingly important. It covers an area of ​​500 hectares. There are companies operating in over thirty industries. Thus, there are automotive and industrial companies, engineering companies, computer, aluminum window frames, etc.. The company that manages the TFZ zone gives foreign investors significant tax benefits. The Tanger Free Zone is located less than thirty minutes from the Freeport of Tangier.

An area accessible:

There are several ways to access the free zone of Tangier. The access to these areas have been optimized to meet the needs of investors. Thus, one can connect to the port Tanger Med Tanger Free Zone by the highway. The motorway network can also easily reach other parts of the Kingdom from the port city.

Create an offshore company:

A Moroccan law dating from 1992 allows the installation company or offshore banks in the town of Tangier. The laws provide that the principal called offshore holding companies must be denominated in foreign currencies convertible. Shareholders must be natural persons or legal persons of foreign nationality. However, Moroccans can create or take shares in an offshore company if they comply with the regulations on foreign exchange. Offshore companies must have as its object the acquisition of interests in companies and managing portfolios. All operations must be made in convertible foreign currency. Companies can conduct transactions with residents provided it complies with the exchange regulations in Morocco. They also enjoy freedom of movement with other offshore companies in the country as well as non-residents in Morocco.

The benefits and advantages:

Offshore companies have the obligation to repatriate the proceeds and income of the operations in Morocco. In addition, they can invest as much as they want in the country while being free to transfer income and capital invested. From a tax perspective, companies have several advantages. Under the business tax, are exempt from taxes for the first 15 years of installation. In addition, offshore companies are subject to tax during the first 5 years of exercises. After this period, they apply a rate of 8.75% for the next twenty years. In addition, offshore companies are exempt from value added tax and income tax for the first five years of practice. Land purchased for projects of investment are tax provided that they remain among the assets of the company for ten years after obtaining the approval.

The paperwork:

The installation procedure in the free zone of Tangier was simplified by the Moroccan authorities. The investor must obtain a form from regional investment center of Tangier or on the website dedicated to this center. It will complete the form, present the project and pay fees. The procedure usually takes a few days.