Compilation of various tips on how to buy and sell shares of stock on-line without leaving home.

In addition to revolutionize communications, journalism, shopping . The Internet has also completely changed the world stock market investment. All advantages, as they provide the mechanisms for purchase and sale, and in short, has democratized the market because anyone willing to learn the mechanisms and learn a bit about where you should put your money (not to roll the savings) can immediately become investor.


Although initially there were few who risked such operations, for fear of hackers and unscrupulous scammers, security has increased greatly, and used a number of passwords that difficult to steal. Over time more and more users are encouraged to invest online, as well as have grown apace Clothing sales and other items through the Web.

Where connection to start investing?

Banks, savings banks and specialized operators to invest on the Internet offer their customers for some time the opportunity to buy and sell stocks, and to follow the values ​​of real-time quotes. Sometimes the best option is to operate from the bank where we deposited our savings and in order to save on fees for transfers to other accounts. For example, Santander offers a sophisticated brokerage service through Supernet 2.0, containing Santander Broker, with quotes in real time, and ability to operate internationally.

In general, each operator imposed fees for various items, such as the purchase and sale, which pays between 0.20% and 0.60% of the cost of the operation. Also pay maintenance fees, payment of dividends and transfer of shares to another operator. Operator should seek cheaper. In any case, investing in stocks is much cheaper to invest in real estate for example, requiring the buyer to pay the scriptures. In addition, fees for internet are lower than those paid at the branch.

Banco Pastor, offering complete lack of sales commissions and brokerage agency. The client can perform all the continuous market purchases without paying commissions, so you only need to take care of the fees charged by the exchange and pay the escrow fee, which is usually from 3.4 euros + VAT. Thus, the client would have benefits in a small revaluation of the securities purchased.

Instructions for investment

Once registered an operator, the user must connect to the website of this to begin operating. The screen can see the quotes of the day, you can usually have a lag of about 20 minutes. After opting for a given value, to be reassessed, you can purchase the desired actions immediately. According to the experts explain, it is appropriate to set a purchase price, and then wait until the shares are determined at that price.

At any time, can also sell those shares were acquired, even a little later. This is done when there have been some benefits, so it will be sold more expensive than they are acquired. The ideal is to discard them when they are as high as possible, and providing for depreciation. The volatility (changes in the price) of a degree can vary greatly, even over 20% per day. While band is not possible to receive dividends for the shares acquired. It should be noted that the stock of each town closes at a certain time. For example, the time of the stock market in Madrid is 9:00 to 17:30 h. When you close, you can continue to operate in bags like Wall Street, Tokyo, etc., So that investors can be active at any time.

Basic Tips not to ruin

It is important to note that the Exchange does not always goes up, you can download. Bad news or an unexpected event can have tragic consequences. It should first be aware of what the best places to invest.