The French population is aging much more. The lengthening of life combined with the baby boom generation produces a significant increase in the quota of people from the third age in the metropolis. A much larger fraction of the population in need of medical care. It becomes mandatory to build nursing facilities in nursing homes for people to reside in the third age to be followed medically.

Aging population and lack of nursing home

In a global environment of declining caregivers in the hospital business, the need for places in nursing schools is much more significant. Queues to be given a suitable place in the home inevitably enrich themselves in all nursing homes in France.

Administration pushes to the acquisition in nursing homes

Invest in nursing homes nursing home seems like a great choice over the years with a guaranteed gain. Despite the lack of nursing homes, the state is no longer able to provide these institutions still face a demonstrable need seniors and create jobs for good on that location. The State supports individual financial gains tax by interesting, for example the recovery of Value Added Tax in the new.


How to properly invest in nursing homes in Lyon?

As with every rental investment, the housing sector is capital. This axiom is also found to apply to purchase a room Ehpad Lyon . Indeed, the housing must be in a large pool of individuals with access opportunities for loved ones. Large and medium cities to select. Greenery is a compelling advantage and increase the use of the facility rate. Before buying it might be wise to read up on openings Ehpad around. Also, you must be concerned about the reputation of the builder as the renovation to be confident with the quality of long-term settlement.

The head of the housing must be carefully selected. The utilization rate defined pension of your investment. The manager is able to guarantee subsidies with a fixed revaluation ensures an annuity over twenty years in the contract that gives you. In the end, it may be extended by the head or you can give your place in the home for example the manager.