Economic recovery is still much slower than expected, so investing in gold is the safest option.

Although some values ​​have gone up, 2012 is presented as a very difficult year to embark on the adventure of invest in business because the risk was greater than ever. For several years, recommended investors buy raw materials and those who actually chose that option fared better than ever. It was the year of gold and raw materials, which continue to set records in your quote. Have not done anything wrong nor to those who opted for the oil.


The cost of raw materials and precious metals

Traditionally, in bad times, was invested in gold and dollars, but U.S. currency is seriously undervalued so no one would trust them. Most investors looking for the minimum possible risks have turned to gold.

In short, gold has risen 9.6% so anyone who has invested much money will it very beneficial. But the silver worked better, rising 18.7%. As for oil, the increase was 24%, although it is worth investing so unstable that those who normally go badly. The data are very good and need not be psychic to predict that the rest of the year, these investments will be profitable because the upward trend will not stop.

Gold, a safe haven investment

Gold has always been a safe haven, one in which you can rely on when everything went wrong. But in this crisis, its growth has been quite significant. Although the situation has always been difficult to increase their contribution, this time, there has been a massive hoarding noble metal, so its rise has been greater than expected.

Since this is a long-term investment, it is recommended to opt for buying Certificates Gold, which is to be a collective purchase. These are documents issued by financial institutions certifying that the owner has a certain amount of gold. The client obtains the ownership of gold as if it were in house, but do not have to save it.

Buy bullion has the problem of storage requires additional investment in security. It is necessary to hire a good burglar alarm systems or safe, Which takes much of what they were going to be benefits and much remains attractive for investment.
Buyers must pay license fees for maintenance of the investment. But security costs are shared among all the headlines, making them more bearable if you try to store gold at home.

Expectations for investing in the future

According to all analysts, gold will continue rising apace in the early months of 2012. After the first week of April was $ 1,533 per ounce, and had already been keeping around that figure since a few days ago. It has risen a whopping 300 euros within approximately one year. Even the most optimistic gurus fell short in their forecasts. Currently, there are no indications that this will not continue.

Specifically analysts continuity predict uptrend. The dollar will depreciate and no one particularly confident in investing in euros, which could rise but no one knows for sure. For this reason, the gold will be increasingly in demand in the coming months, because at present we can say that it is the only safe bet.

The continuous rise of gold offers other possibilities for investors as options or futures, but need to be constantly informed. These assets have an expiration date, so it is a reversal. It is also a good option to invest in mining companies specializing in gold, and which are revalued when the market of metals extracted doing better than ever.