Pays the Caribbean and Latin America located between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer, the Dominican Republic has a very attractive investment climate at the initiative of its leaders. The future of the country are in favor of any investment project. Especially famous for its beautiful beaches and its mild climate, the Dominican Republic is suitable for any use of capital in real estate. The industrial sector is also experiencing a boom there promising. Free zones, agro-industry, manufacturing and export sectors are all affected by this measure.


The Dominican Republic is a small tax haven and invest in this region has become profitable. Observers also believe that the attractiveness of the Dominican Republic will evolve positively in the coming years.

The economic expansion of the Dominican Republic is largely the result of action by the leaders to encourage foreign investment. These measures are summarized including seven key points are the most pressing political stability and taxation. The Dominican Republic is a tax haven, that is to say that there is no tax or fee to be paid apart from the 5.48% who are settled at once. The lands are sold at an affordable price. The prospects for profit are considerable and economic development of the country allows a favorable current to any investment. Purchasing power can reach a level high enough for foreign nationals and the climate that prevails is very beneficial. In addition, moving to the Dominican Republic does not require any particular condition. We just have a lawyer to intervene to obtain a work permit of stay will be granted soon.

Great opportunities in real estate in Dominican Republic

The real estate sector is the most promising and also very promising right now in the Dominican Republic. Economic expansion in the region to promote the development of this sector. Thanks also to the tourist attractions of the country, investments in real estate is generating a substantial capital gain. Europeans and Americans are the largest investors in real estate land DR. Indeed, the country has implemented some very incentives in the field of real estate. Acquire a parcel of land is relatively simple, both financially and in terms of administrative, not only because land is relatively cheap but the issuance of administrative documents relating thereto is also facilitated. If one refers to the European market, we can say that land prices in the Dominican Republic are broken. Per square meter in Europe is $ 20 to 80 euros, while the price ranges from 5 to 25 euros in the Dominican Republic. All of these conditions do not fail to attract tourists to acquire a property and have a second home in the Dominican Republic is a new trend, both for Europeans than for Americans.

Invest in the industrial sector in the Dominican Republic

The industrial sector of the country does not lack appeal. The diversity of investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic is a definite asset for the country. Industry dominicaine branches in various activities such as textiles, processing, agribusiness, export, metal and mechanical industries, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the packaging industry, industry mining, etc., as many sectors as the country currently operates. Note that the industry is dominicaine categorizes into two distinct branches that are free zones and national industries. Dominicain the industrial sector is also experiencing a boom resulting primarily special conditions enjoyed by the industry and consists of a preferential tax regime and agreements entered into on the European market. These benefits primarily promote specific companies in a free zone but it would seem, however, that these conditions are subsequently harmonized throughout the entire industry.