Initiative to invest in Canada necessarily involves a desire to take advantage of favorable conditions. It plans on a variety of corporate life. As one of the major developed countries, Canada is a prime market can absorb a large supply, for all products and services. Similarly, the resources, whether human, material or otherwise, are available at a quality level arousing the envy of the largest international firms.


Moreover, the Canadian government adopted a policy of incentives to promote the initiative and entrepreneurial dynamism to attract more investors from all walks. Each element is likely to affect the activity of the company and tends to minimize the risk taken by the entrepreneur interested in investing in Canada. Which directly contributes to the success of his company and ultimately the profitability of its investment. Today, Canada is therefore clearly affirmed as the new El Dorado business too, it is essential to know as much as possible the different characteristics of interest to the investor you are.

Invest in Canada which market to target?

Canada is among the major markets of international affairs. G7, this country is a land rich in opportunities immeasurable. Invest in Canada is not a decision taken at random but shows a willingness to extend or expand his company. Local demand is strong boosts the population increases constantly needs for goods and services consumption. Similarly, Canadian economic growth, uninterrupted for several years, reinforces this demand, which always requires more investment. In addition to trade and industry standard, investing in Canada is also part of the world leaders in new technologies and advanced engineering of computers to medicine through the aircraft.

Economic opportunities in the country are not confined to its home market, in fact, he also enjoys a more than favorable. Ranked among the top destinations in the world economic by the most prestigious firms (Standard & Poors, Moody,) Canada is a significant hub of international business. Important member of NAFTA (North American equivalent of the European Union economically), Canada’s largest trading partner of the United States. Make the most of the geographical and cultural proximity with the leading world power, investing in Canada is a true gateway to the U.S. market, whether you are a small family business or subsidiary of a multinational group. Historically linked to the old continent, Canada has established and developed substantial trade relations with Europe, particularly in areas of heavy industry and high technology products. Finally, partnerships with many countries in Asia will give you privileged access to the potential of these so-called emerging countries.

Invest in Canada: comparative advantages unmatched

Human capital of Canada is a dream many countries, including the most advanced. Education and research are particularly favored by the Canadian government. Fruit of the complete system performance, Canadians are a human resource with high skill level and whatever the intended field. On the financial side, Canada also has a very attractive face. Canadian financial institutions are among the highest ranked in the worlds. Strictly regulated, they offer a guarantee of financing for your needs. Thus, to support your investment in Canada, you may appeal to bank loans, private funds on the stock market or government programs in some areas.

The country’s natural resources are not to be outdone and continuously supply its industry, enabling it to provide substantial added value for a finished product of excellent quality. Another key to the healthy development of your business: infrastructure and in particular those of transport and communication. Again, you can only rejoice the level reached by Canada. Thus, it is no less than several hundred ports and airports open Canada to the rest of the world, as well as from Europe to Asia and of course the whole American continent. Add to that nearly 1.5 million kilometers of land routes (roads and railways) would greatly facilitate economic exchanges within Canada and with the United States, you will get a first-class support for your trade flows.

An enabling environment for investment in Canada

To attract investors from around the world, Canada is working to implement all the conditions for the creation and business development. The national open, clear and flexible, you can at first to mark the scope and the various investment opportunities in Canada. The creators of companies have a wide choice regarding forms (and bonds) legal best suited to their investment projects. Many institutions also provide invaluable support to local businesses. Their activities are varied and cover all stages of corporate life. These organizations are responsible for facilitating the growth of companies, ensuring a healthy business environment and promote the Canadian economy in the world. Any contractor wishing to invest in Canada can benefit from the services of its structures.

Finally, taxation is an essential element of the system of investment incentives in Canada. Canadian taxes are among the lowest in the world with regard to business. In addition, many benefits are given to players in some key areas. Thus, according to your business, you can enjoy tax breaks and subsidies important. Considered in a global framework, this makes Canada a natural business incubator particularly flourishing.