There are many investment projects to earn money. We describe a medium-term plan with investment only a short time online.

To make money requires money, goes a saying very real. But Internet businesses today are ruining the relative truth.

How to start a business with free money?

There are Web sites that make a brutal propaganda to attract people to their networks with the story of them make money fast working from home, for which you just have to have a PC and money to spend on lengthy Internet connections. They make many hesitate to make an investment in non traditional scam occurs when embarking on an investment project without security as HYIP (investment projects of high performance) with the queen Forex Macro latest such.

To get a free money without investing any pocket you can search option Forex with those brokers that offer bonuses to open live accounts with them. The IFCM Forex broker is one of them, with an advanced platform that offers a welcome bonus of $ 10 for those who open a real account. By opening an account with IFCM, we are giving away $ 10 to start operations in the currency market and buy or sell the currency pair that suits you best according to their market value. Those $ 10 free money can turn into four million! in five years of work that you can do the same at home than sitting in a park or waiting for a flight.


It is an investment of patience, discipline and willingness

Before the buying and selling in the currency market (Forex), it will take some time practiced with a demo account or practice call to keep, in one second, those $ 10 that he was given to operate with the broker IFCM . About six months should be sufficient in days of one or two hours of individual study, which can be extended depending on power have no Internet access very expensive in order to spend as little capital as possible. Once you have the security they have developed sufficient skills to work at Forex with platforms of trading , then you can proceed to the operation with the real account without ever overdo it and get greedy to become a millionaire in a week. That is a great temptation and is the key to losing everything in the operations of the Exchange and Forex .

Working with the trend lines in the work platform

Forex work platforms offer a wide range of tools that allow the trader to make their operations better. In the current project described using an instrument called a moving average that is no more than a trend line for real-time trading the currency pair worked. They used two trend lines exponential rate periods of 10 and 26 each. The moving average with a value of 10 is indicating the uptrend of the base currency, while the line with a period of 26 show the downward trend. The platform allows to mix different colors and widths trend lines. You can add green to the moving average line and red bull to bear. It is a very good indicator for the decision to perform the operation, always buy or sell according to the trend but only go for 10 pips.

Investment project for five years operating in Forex

The plan described below to earn money in Forex has been tested by the most experienced and successful traders in the world. It is not an invention or a calculation program based on probabilities, is the experience of many years of hard work. Operations are calculated for an initial deposit of those ten who gave him to open a real account and leveraged at a ratio of 1:100, the ten that have the deposit actually be operating with $ 1,000 in Forex. This is done to allow the business brokers, but be careful with it because it is a double-edged sword.

So as a result they will be operating as if they had actually 1000, which will start operations only to a volume equal to 10% of that total. That margin will be protected and if the market turns against the operation performed. Only going to gain 10 pips on each trade daily. That is a very laborious operation to achieve when you have obtained enough experience and is what gives advice and the most successful reality.

Reinvest the money earned in each daily operation

It must reinvest the gains in each session and open the next operation with 10% of the total:

* If you have 1,000 in the account for 10 pips, then wins $ 10.
* Sum is from 10 to 1,000 and 1,010.
* The next operation starts with 1,010 and adds up the gains.

To trade Forex must learn to work in the foreign exchange market

The above plan is valid only for those who take the business seriously currency market. It is necessary to learn by doing and not just with books of trading it is the latter one will say a word. Be aware of the information society worldwide, natural disasters, war, civil strife, strikes, political upheavals and frequent speculation in the market by those who dominate. We must be aware of everything but mostly for technical examination, in the end, is the story of human behavior in their commercial relations.

Forex is a very high risk business and can lose everything very quickly

Like any business that involves capital, Forex is risky. We must take all necessary measures and be prepared to take part and even loss of all capital. It is not “blowing and making bottles” have to spend long hours of study and dedication and have nerves of steel and reservations for not losing everything in a bad trade.