The choice of an investment in a foreign country may lead to many consequences for investors. If the selection and investment strategy are well established, the foreign investment can bring significant benefits and prosperity of a company. The choice of the foreign country in which it is planned to invest is just as important. Whether in neighboring countries within the European Union, the former countries of the East, Latin America, Asia or Africa, it is essential to make good investment choices and avoid risks that could result in loss of money invested.


Investing in a foreign country requires the mobilization of many ways. This requires not only significant financial resources but also time and information. Thus, before deciding to invest and start a business in a foreign country, it is important to consider several factors about the country and its situation and goals. This helps to avoid major risks such as investing in a country where the security of the investment is too low to invest in a country where reception facilities do not project that the company plans to ‘to achieve.

The essential conditions:

The essential conditions for investment in a foreign country must be fulfilled before a decision is made. These conditions differ between countries, concentrating on investment security and the guarantees offered by the country’s infrastructure and tax matters. And a selection must be made according to the needs of the investor and the opportunities offered by each country. In this selection, we must consider only the countries with the least risk and maximum opportunity. Countries that are in situations of political or economic instability are thus discouraged.

The same is true for countries that do not have specific regulations guaranteeing the security of foreign investments. On infrastructure, they include both the energy, telecommunications and transportation. Conditions offered by the countries must agree on the needs of investors and activities they plan to exercise. Finally, the tax system must also be evaluated, since a lot of impacts and affects the various benefits that the investor can get.

Harmonize with the choice of other conditions:

The choice of countries in which the investment must also be reconciled with the general strategy of the company and the goal. A need for proximity or speed of communication may well require an investor to choose a country bordering or located in the same area. Similarly, the harmonization of choice with the activities to be performed is also very important. We must avoid at all costs to invest in a country that will not subsequently provide the personnel and infrastructure for the planned activity. Personnel requiring significant training or non-existence in the land of technologies critical to the activity can strongly penalize the investor. It is therefore essential to harmonize the choice of the country with the specific activity to be performed.