What is your job?

My work primarily affects commercial accounting for the Accor group, as the consolidation of entities for VAT returns, Intrastat, the intra-listing, the listing VAT, tax schedules and the management accountant of one of Accor hotels. Do you see career opportunities in your job? I am bachelor in accounting and I intend to continue my studies to become a chartered accountant. There are actually many possibilities when studying. With only my bachelor’s degree, I could become senior accountant but I would be limited in my development. What makes your job interesting book? Work Accounting offers a broad view of all aspects of a company characteristics.

The variety of work also means being in contact with other staff and other institutions with which the company works, giving a social dimension to the function. Accountants have a reputation for being boring. Really? Accountants are often portrayed as boring. But I think people confuse the work of accountants and personality. If doing calculations and accounting entries throughout the day may seem boring to some, accountants are not more than other razors. It’s just a matter of preference, the words I was never attracted such figures, but it does not make me a boring. You see a lot of job opportunities for accountants on the market? It seems that despite the banking crisis, financial profiles always have a bright future.


There are plenty of vacancies in accounting, which provides accounting beautiful lines of negotiation. Graduates will have certainly no difficulty in finding a job that suits them in their field. What would lead you to quit your job? A bad relationship with my colleagues would grow there. The lack of career prospects also, if it is accompanied by a bad salary. Are you satisfied with your career choice? Yes. My job is clearly not funny every day because it can sometimes be a bit repetitive, but I’m still happy with my career choice. And as I said before, I would like to invest more by following other courses to become certified public accountant. If I had to choose another subject, she would probably also had a link with the financial sector. How would you rate your salary package and the balance between your work and your private life? I’m still a junior, so I have not the salary I want.

But compared to my friends and colleagues from other departments, I am satisfied and I know I can expect a higher salary and a company car. In terms of balance between work and private life, it is pretty decent since I have almost no travel or do a lot of overtime. It is sometimes more difficult at the end of the month when we loop accounting and overtime are then frequent. During this period, the accounting can not take leave. With the financial crisis and all the stereotypes of the profession, do you think the financial sector is still attractive? The work of the accountant is not limited to financial aspects but also covers legal obligations to which most companies must meet. Furthermore, in these times of crisis, the accounting will be more demand because their job is also to optimize the functioning of the company with the resources available. This aspect of the function can also better manage and anticipate the consequences of any other economic crises.