It may seem strange, but the Internet has become an indispensable tool and now known to all, to think that we should remember how to use it effectively.But I bet that few companies are implementing fully the recommendations relatively simple that I am about to deliver here.

The Internet is a great way to convey information. In a sense, you can search and find information, but also in the other direction you can provide information and ensure it is received.This mechanism promotes the exchange, if one takes the total profit, the establishment of effective trade and economic intelligence that takes form in three distinct areas:
⇒ Go visible
⇒ Prospect
⇒ Monitor

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Become visible to promote its business

In this context, we should not settle for a static website as a catalog where we speak only products.You will display, but will not be seen … At the time of web 2.0, and not necessarily connect to the famous social networks that everyone speaks, he should at least have the means (forms, interactive pages or blogs) to interact with your prospects and customers. I recommend you to use the Internet to generate cost a maximum of contacts, the following rules.

# provide content not only interesting but useful
# renewing content often
#illustrate the text
# provide a type page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
# present their company and its resources, not just its offer
# intuitive think of a simple and intuitive navigation
# leave open the possibility for visitors to submit their contact information and questions

Quickly and efficiently explore

A survey based on efficient reliable databases and well-informed. Even if one can consider that the bases are often paying more complete than the public databases (type free business directories), they may nevertheless be sufficient for a first approach, especially for prospective studies.

* Marketplaces sectoral
* Specialized directories
* Sites with concentrations of tenders (public or private)
* The sites of business conventions .

Used for all of its possibilities, taking advantage of many of its tools, the Internet is proving to be much greater support for a business than a means of communication.It should really be considered a weapon of mass survey, monitoring and close revealing identity. It is a powerful, commercially speaking, for those who can devote a minimum of time and mastering a few rules and tips.