Different cards can usually enjoy a very wide coverage in term insurance. Alongside their main function of payment, these cards are as tools that improve the quality of life and security of the person holding them. Cards such as Visa and MasterCard include the insurance services which are very useful, especially for frequent travelers. A person who has a credit card on his behalf may obtain such insurance, insurance against loss of baggage and other types of coverage.


Regarded primarily as a means of payment, the credit card for several years has become an indispensable and versatile for its owner. Through a system of insurance linked to the card, it can now offer many guarantees, not only to its owner but also to his family and that in many activities including travel. The map is thus considered an indispensable tool for the traveler.

Operation of insurance included with credit cards

A credit card gives its owner a number of advantages. In addition to payment services and withdraw cash, the card can also benefit from insurance may cover many eventualities. The validity of the insurance associated with credit card depends on the validity of the card and ends at the expiry date. Areas covered by the insurance of the credit card include various unexpected travel, illness and other unexpected events. The insurance card is both for people who travel abroad and those who remain on national territory. It allows those who travel abroad to enjoy the guarantees and safeguards medical travel. These travelers are covered for example in case of loss of baggage or in case of accident or illness during their stay. Those who remain in the country also enjoy the same benefits while on travel for health insurance and accident, they are covered by social security. The warranty card is not limited to the owner of the card. Spouse or partner and dependent children under 25 years can enjoy the same protection. Thus, if the owner of the card travels with his family, guarantees apply not only to him but to all those who travel with him.

The various guarantees

Credit cards offer a multitude of safeguards. Each type of card offers a more or less service and guarantees that cover wide range of fields. However, there are basic guarantees can be achieved with almost all cards. These are mainly the guarantee of medical assistance. Anyone who has a credit card and travel abroad has a guarantee of medical assistance in case of illness. However, the amount of the guarantee depends on the type of card. Thus, the high-end cards allow a full warranty and under the best conditions while normal cards typically offer warranties limited. Many credit cards offer travel guarantees.

According to the map, it may be only guarantee against loss of baggage and flight delays or major services such as reservation guarantee. Any owner of the card can reserve a hotel room without having to specify its arrival time. It also included the cancellation of bail in case of car rental. In the field of travel insurance, the cards can in some cases and in addition to medical assistance, sending various essential items such as specialty drugs, eyeglasses and even transfer a close in case of hospitalization . Guarantees of a credit card can be extended to other areas such as insurance against the loss of official documents, keys or means of payment. Among the additional services that can sometimes be useful include coverage of family accommodation in an accident and repatriation. In the same vein include the sending of an interpreter, legal assistant or replacement driver. Cards and contain numerous guarantees to which they can subscribe to our needs and our lifestyle.