Insurance companies are required to have a customer service department to resolve the claims of policyholders.

When hiring an insurance form to be: auto, life, home etc. is essential to examine in detail the coverage and the conditioning of the policy. In general it is advisable to contract with companies to provide optimal coverage , although the cost of the policy is higher. In addition to choosing an insurer is better to opt for a company specializing in the specific coverage you want to insure.

Should any conflict arise for breach of the coverage contained in the policy, the insured can claim directly to the company itself through the department of customer service . Insurance companies are required to provide this avenue of complaint to their customers and even appoint an ombudsman to attend and handle complaints from policyholders. Having exhausted this avenue of complaint, the insured can direct your complaint to the competent authority of the Administration and in particular the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds. Described below are the different types of claims and paperwork to be done by insured for their complaints.


Insurance claims in the Banking Ombudsman

In the relationship with the insurance company conflicts occur frequently leading the insured to file a claim. Among the most common problems are:

* The total or partial failure of the coverage contained in the policy
* Upload abusive fees paid by the insured
* Coverage not desired by the client and that raise the policy
* Low later requested that motivate extensions of the policy that the insured can not override

When any of these or other problems that may arise in connection with the coverage of the policy, the first step for the insured to file a claim in the Customer Service Department of the company. Department which will include the figure of the Ombudsman, who according to current regulations shall be independent of the entity and with autonomy in terms of the criteria to be applied to resolve the complaint. Furthermore, the Ombudsman’s decisions favorable to the insured binding on the insurer.

Tips on insurance contracts

How was said earlier in this article, when an insurance is recommended to address a company specialized in the type of coverages that are of interest to us, it’s easy access to information on the activity of each entity. Moreover it is important to avoid duplication or excess coverage, and that often hire several policies that match some of the risks covered. Finally, caution should be exercised with companies outside the insurance industry to sell policies to other entities. Usually these are offered free insurance for a trial period. In these cases often are considered accepted by the insured, if after this time the client does not state in writing his refusal to accept the policy.