There are few professions as punished for liars like insurance. Almost everyone wants to take undue advantage of their contracts.

In the soft wrap “rogue” are covered, in many cases, outright fraud, and countless outrages alarming abuses before the approval of the authors and the perplexity of the victims. The hard truth in the words of Alfonso Paso in his article “Spain in the doctor”. Thus, in the field of insurance, many policyholders are encouraged contracting by the aforementioned circumstances and naive or disguised supposed ignorance try deceive insurers and, sometimes, perhaps too often, they get it.

Insurance, a contract in good faith

From time immemorial the custom of a deal or a sale with a simple handshake and commitment among those involved in the operation. There were too many writings because words had agreed better strength notarial document. There were phrases with double meanings or misplaced words , simply because it was presumed seriousness and honesty. Today, in many remote corners of Spain, is still used as simple as valuable proceed among locals.

Experts on the matter say that in that conduct, was inspired to consider Security in any of its many forms as a contract in good faith, of course, applies equally to both parties, company and insured in this way indicated in the general language of the policy, in the so-called ” fine print “and constitutes a guarantee of better understanding of the consequences of an accident.


Prevention is peace of mind

Chance and improvisation are facts that must always look askance because they cause many problems. It is true that few people defend them, even so vehement, ignoring the multifaceted Leonardo da Vinci when so often insisted that “who really knows what he’s talking not find reasons to raise your voice” . And so it is, that the stone is usually seen only when she stumbled.

Current techniques, both around us provide undeniable comfort and benefits, but also implicitly are linked with various anomalies or glitches and dangerous of which, should suffer them, we obtain the repair, replacement or compensation due.

Cost of insurance and guarantees

Assessing the multiple safeguards currently offering any insurance company in its wide range of contracts, the cost or premium we have to pay to subscribe them, is more than acceptable, as the contracting barely recognizes that many accidents do not end with the termination of his case, more or less simple, but then triggers the insurer devices required for recovery, at least in part, damage subscribers, reclaiming the cause thereof.

The “used” and insurance fraud

Hire a policy is not to “sell” a widespread insurance that is the phrase, even among some professionals. Many believe, rightly, that changing the verb, as the policy document as a contract, loses its integrity, charm and even respect. Consequently, for this deformation arises linguistic ignorance or the use of many policyholders, most of you might think someone outside the industry, to the extent that insurance companies exist for imperative, the corresponding anti fraud department to detect lies, half-truths or the feigned amazing and fascinating stories of those who wielded imagination Internet only learn what interests them, simply to commit fraud.

In the end, the truth, everything is solved

The Insurance Mediation system is considered ideal and reassuring, necessary in all branches without exception, explains Thomas Sorrius Sauras recognized professional in his treatise “The transport insurance world.” The insurance broker , as a qualified professional, and manage unlimited advises its customers, warning them to flee from the supposed bargains, always misleading, manipulated by opportunists and liars. It will tell you at all times, today as always, the truth is only one way for him and everything is solved in the most cordial and satisfactory.