Those who think that the only policy which remember every year for renewal is that of their car, they’re wrong. These days it is possible (and not uncommon) to ensure everything : from their smartphones to the pet from the house to the mortgage.

Each provides what is most precious has or what you need for the job. As well as large and showgirl dancers can then sit with his or her legs, just like many players, so they can do so everyone who uses your smartphone to work on the move, ensuring even the Sim card inside from theft , damage and fraudulent use. The ‘ auto insurance , we said, now is small compared to everything that you can provide. But, unlike all other policies possible, remains mandatory. From 12 August last year, however, another policy is mandatory for professionals who have a year to stipulation and come into compliance.

Everything else is incidental. Or almost. Who owns a pet , maybe exotic, could draw many benefits from the signing of an insurance policy to guarantee liquidity in the event of medical expenses for the animal. The same applies to any other puppy who lives with us and especially for the dogs entered in the register of ASL and in the past have shown abnormal behavior. In this last case, however, the owner can not choose but will in any case obliged to keep insurance for the animal in the unlikely event that the latter resulting in damage to third parties.


But among the most precious things for each of us there are also the home and family. For the latter, there are policies specifically for the damages that each member of the family could return over the years. For the home, the choice is very varied. By policies against the outbreak of fire and housing to those which cover any technical damage as a broken pipe that leaks or theft of paintings and jewelery kept in the home.

Many others may decide to put safe from any problems their holiday in case of accidents during the period of relaxation or even and this is the big news of recent times decide to provide their own wedding. Yes, that’s right. More and more couples decide to take out an insurance policy to cover any expenses in the event of cancellation of the ceremony, maintenance costs for the home, honeymoon canceled. In some cases, if both spouses lose their jobs, the bill provides for a year a monthly amount equal to 80% of the salary you previously perceived.