In a company can often happen to come across cases of accidents. The causes are varied: lack of security made ​​available by the company, defective equipment and whatnot. But whatever the cause of an injury , what are the rights of an employee in this situation? And as the entrepreneur must behave towards him? Recall that just happened an accident, regardless of severity, should be warned as soon as your employer . If you do not do so would risk even involuntarily give up our rights. In this article we will discuss the integration to be paid a benefit payable by the company in its employee injured on the job or while traveling to work, anyway, unable to carry out their Amazonian. So integration is nothing more than a sum of money that companies must pay to their employees injured. So let’s see how to calculate the integration borne by the company.


When a depend of a company is unable to work because of an injury , it must provide the employee with a salary equal to 100%. This means that even if the employee can not perform his job, must still be paid. The amount that will be waived by the employer for the benefit of the injured employee is called “integration.”

How do you calculate the integration? We must first obtain the gross amount of the contributions paid by the employee the amount of the injury the period of inactivity. To do this, Let us assume that the share of the contributions is equal to 9.19% by following a few simple calculations :100-9, 19 = 90.81 Then we calculate the coefficient: 100:90,81 = 1.101200 Once you find also the coefficient, multiply it for the amount of the injury.

Applying the criteria Negotiable, to determine the period of injury, compensation that is up to the employee during the latter period. At this point we determine the difference between the salary and the result of the multiplication between the amount of compensation for the injury and the coefficient. Please note that only if the result is positive we can get the amount integration, if not, then having a negative result, can not be any integration.