The color of the packaging and advertising is crucial when buying. Each color has its significance and is directed to a certain audience.

According to the American Institute for Research of Color (Color Research Institute) , the color is critical in purchases on impulse, that is, when the election takes less than 90 seconds. Back in the ’60s the sociologist Marshall McLuhan explained that people have so much to choose who need help, such as eye-catching packaging. This theory was confirmed by a study of the University of Maryland (USA), whereby only the colored 80% improvement in the identification of the mark .

The favorite colors

Color preferences are, in addition to subjective, cultural. Sociologists are living years blue. The blue color is preferred by those looking for calm and stability and is dominating social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and other known online services like Skype, PayPal and some technology leaders such as HP and Dell are predominantly colored portals blue, which leads to trust.


The meaning of the colors that drive purchase


Express and enjoy carefree. Therefore it is used to attract the attention of people passing through the offers and discounts. Optimism is linked to this color.


Communicates a sense of urgency and is commonly combined with yellow when liquidation of stock. This color energy that drives the action and claimed concepts such as health, vigor, courage, love, anger and war.


It means peace, security and control. It is used by banks, insurance companies and financial e-commerce sites and social networks.


Also this color conveys peace and quiet, but more energy compared to blue. Linked to the idea of ​​nature, is used by those who want to communicate environmental sustainability. Often combined with brown, forming the primary binomial trees. It is the color that the eye perceives more quickly.


Expresses dynamism, alertness and attention. It is the color preferred by responders and, in general, those working in the ED. It is used to communicate as making a direct action on the Internet the orange button is used for registration or a purchase order.


Color is a powerful and mysterious, used in luxury products and exclusive. Is present, for example, in the doorways of luxury hotels combined with gold and silver.


Generally used in beauty products aimed at mature women. Similar to black (also used in luxury products) means femininity and elegance.

The blue for him, pink for her

From small color discriminate the dress of children. A study at the University of Newcastle (UK) explains this difference from an anthropological point of view. The blue and the blue would have been preferred by men because they associated the clear sky and good weather, ideal for outdoor activities, traditionally male. Pink refers to the ripe fruit, collected by women in most ancient civilizations.