Humanity is characterized by demand rights, but mostly spontaneously act in breach of the same.

Since the beginning of human societies have been characterized in fight to obtain a level of life where families can live in peace and equality, although it is understood that current situations in our world will always be a utopia of animists living in complete peace, since in practice is a simple fallacy.There have always been physiocratic current court orders that have implemented manipulated based on freedoms, and that is, the harmonious balance in society is only for a group that has had the power to block the rules of prosperity through an unfortunate division of labor . Schools “liberals” have always advocated these ideas for obtaining resources, production and distribution of goods, being tied to laws imposed codes and resolutions.

The laws and worker

The creation of civil codes usually in pleasant reading for citizens but its practice is a media manipulation, an example might be a wise employment contract, so onerous that enacts a law which subjects the employee to the will of contractor. The workers have been in their workplaces in inhumane conditions and subjected to abuse of power by its contractors, supporting the unbridled greed of those who believe in competition at all costs. A capitalist system based on a clear margin of demand that does not add benefits to most workers, although throughout history have done asanbleas and collective agreements which establish important incentives, even the problems of inequality are propagated at its best.


The model legislation is now on paper and not flexible in its implementation, leading to lack of diligence in compliance. Labor laws are of general nature, in other words is applicable to all citizens alike without distinction, in cases of noncompliance are certain repressive measures against employers, but these measures do not compare with the abuse it receives a worker at the time of being punished by his superior.

Situation between employer and employee

The employer manages its business as a closed world and any physical resists outside influence that will be little benefit for profit. The same inspection work in the vast majority of cases is resistance to enter rules that benefit inealineables rights workers have. Many people incur abused the public forces, which are rarely attends. In such circumstances it is not surprising that the right to the worker is unenforceable. In many cases workers maintain injustice in silence for fear has to be fired and lose their jobs, situations that have occurred as acts of misfortune strikes, pickets, protests, kidnappings, robberies and legal changes. Situations that ultimately also hurt themselves.

Workers’ rights are weak and have no advantages compared to the superiority of the contractor who dominates at will employee. Have been charged exorbitant amounts of possible solutions to this evil that we currently do not see it anywhere solving injustice. The labor standards are required to transmit a greater except when certain problems that could present the worker, ensuring an effective treatment that encourages workers to increase their productivity, it is necessary the prohibition of any discrimination, undertake to remove workload all affect the integrity of workers and eliminate child labor, in addition to polishing the right to organize.

Successfully meeting these increase substantially:

1. The job performance.
2. Attract investment to help fight unemployment.
3. Facilities segregation of taxation, construction, corporate tax constitution trade and increased capital.