The DGCCRF 1269 controlled facilities. In 54% of stores, the price differs from the one shown in box on the shelf! The only fault to technical errors?

” We recommend consumers to be vigilant in reading their receipts and be systematically repay overpayments . “The latest survey of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud) leaves a bitter taste: 1,269 supermarkets and hypermarkets controlled, 68,593 items checked. In more than half of the stores (54%), a price difference was found between the label on the shelf and checkout.

“The price charged was different from the posted price for 7% of articles have been verified , “reports also Fraud. And the errors were in six out of ten cases unfavorable to consumers. The most distressing is that the situation does not improve in 4 years. The same phenomenon seems to grow. In 2008, a previous investigation had revealed a high rate of abnormalities in 52% of retail brands: 7.5% at the time the products had already pricing errors.


Deliberate attempt to rip off the customer? “No,” pleads the Federation of Commercial and distribution (FCD) which includes Carrefour, Casino, Auchan and all the industry heavyweights. ” These errors between the prices displayed on the shelves and the prices charged to the credit union are technical errors. The number of references and thus, managed pricing is very important in the stores: there are on average 60,000 in a hypermarket prices “. And stores argue that automatic update prices on the cash is not immediately acted upon by rays.

Meanwhile, the DGCCRF has compiled the minutes of offense and asked the offenders to “rectify the shortcomings.” For the consumer faced with this waltz-time labels in several pending and the generalization of electronic tags, it is be vigilant and to point out that a bunch of radishes in the Euro Futures radius is not charged 2 € 20 five meters upon checkout.