The staff for companies, small businesses and individuals who hire general is the most important, but sometimes that is not taken into account.

The rhythm that leads the world today is very hectic, going too fast and is responsible for many of today’s ills. Companies large, small and micro always need a certain number of employees to operate and continue with his work rate. In European and North American owners and managers of companies have established and understood importance of personal financial development, operational and productive a company of any type and are smart enough to invest in human resources through training, health, good lifestyle, environment and adequate workload. However this is not the priority in Latin American companies, where what is sought is primarily accelerated enrichment owners through the exploitation of the working class . There are things that Latino entrepreneurs ignore or simply ignored, believing that success comes when done less to others.

Importance of human resources

Undoubtedly the staff is the most important thing a company, as without this they could not operate, because the owner does not have the ability to make thousands of tasks simultaneously. Thanks to human resource companies grow and position themselves in the market, since it is they who give their lungs to keep the company running. If at one point decided to stop all staff, the company will have losses at that time and even when such personnel are dismissed, the costs will be high because it will settle and recruit new staff to be inexperienced (and have experience) and require a time for coupling to the mode of operation of the enterprise. No business could rise without the workforce, therefore neither machinery nor the inventory or liquidity, and the infrastructure together are as important as the people who work there.


A demotivated staff

When people work in a company where you commit injustices, where the pay is low, where long working hours, little rest or not, where there are too many penalties, where they have all the benefits, where there is no democracy and heads up odious, that staff will not have the motivation to fulfill their job.The result will be that low quality products, constant mistakes, poor customer service and inadequate provision of services, for staff returns unconsciously what is giving the company.

A motivated workforce

Those with commensurate salary, his furlough, and extra legal benefits, fair administration where their voice is heard and respected leaders who will give 100% capacity for the company to continue to grow, as will long grow the same and want as their own. A motivated workforce will increase revenue and routed to the company to success, and that is your desire.

To Consider

* It can enrich exploiting employees, but wealth is much more motivated staff
* A demotivated staff will make things bad and that means loss
* A happy staff always want to work there
* When given a good treatment of staff, and training it gives you all the benefits, it is being spent, you are investing in something that will give excellent results

Human resources are the most important business and if everyone knew their value, things would be different.