Businessmen and French dealers are beginning to look very closely to Chinese products. Indeed, Chinese products are renowned for their cost much lower than the products of others. The import of Chinese products in France appears to be a difficult business but remains feasible.

With its stable economic growth, China is the only country in the world that can boast to offer the world market diversified products at a competitive price. Western countries believe that growth as a threat and have applied restrictive measures to slow the entry of Chinese products blatant in their territory. Thus, there is a list of Chinese products, especially food, which can not be imported into France or were simply boycotted. Thus, a minimum of information is necessary to import Chinese products in France.


To import Chinese products and profitability

There are many types of goods you can import from China. The criterion of profitability will depend on the specificity of the product, the purchase price and your management. The products on clothing, textiles, food products and computer accessories and electronic Chinese provide large margins (between 7 to 10 times) but can not be sold to a value or a very low price. Electronics or sports equipment can be sold at high prices but have a relatively low profit margin. As against the importation of bicycles and bicycle parts in China are very profitable because the market is not yet saturated. However, the ideal would be to invest in a promising niche.

The steps

Whatever the product to be imported, it must first go through the search providers. There are several ways to find on the internet in the yellow pages of import-export Chinese, contacting companies trading or investing in a business trip in China. The latter is also a great investment because you will spend at least 1500 euros to 5000 euros for your plane ticket and stay a week. In China, almost everyone is a seller or supplier. Find one that will meet your needs and be able to deliver products properly and legally. The provider found, you will pass the administrative phase and customs.

Use of trading companies and transit

To minimize the risks of importing from China, do not act alone and have use of a trading company of trust. This will represent you in price negotiations, consolidation of orders and obtaining certificates of origin. This provider will charge you also once for all these services. If you are new to a trading company, you can choose one according to your field of activity, the city of departure from your dealer or online. It also remains to choose your freight forwarder to be responsible for transporting your goods from factory to port, transport by sea or air, landing, business customs and delivery. Companies more accustomed to the transit import in Asia are Chinese subsidiaries of TNT, DHL and EMS. Their quotation is per kilo depending on the type of product you have imported.

Law and Standards

All products imported Chinese must have been patented by the CE. CE certificate is required for each product and it must include the name of the laboratory that analyzed the products, the manufacturer, the visa and the reference laboratory. CE certificate is a guarantee that your documents will actually be accepted and processed by customs. Chinese products are bad reputation for being non-compliant products and poor quality. Indeed, many Chinese suppliers affix a sticker to their products so that they do not even have. For electronic products, you will be required in addition ROHS certificate. The records of the products must be translated into French. Until now, France banned all imports of dairy products or food products with components made from milk. For full details of legislation and standards, please consult your customs or trading company.