Are you drowning and do not know how to make ends meet? With some patience you can plan a strategy to put an extra paycheck in time of crisis.

It is increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Prices do not do more than raise, the city becoming more and more by the IBI and salaries and corporate profits are greatly reduced. So, to balance the household accounts is sometimes an impossible task.

Planning to establish a method of making money:

Many times, people are convinced that you have done everything possible to resolve the situation, but can not give more than yes. To meditate on the topic calmly. For starters, it should be positive because with a pessimistic attitude is not achieved anything. Everybody is specially equipped for some tasks, like all failed miserably in other areas. Should be studied thoroughly one’s own abilities and even pointing all on paper, as irrelevant as they seem can become a source of income.


Digging is easy to find a field in which we are particularly good, and we can get to profitability. For example, do you love to walk and explore the city? You may be able to practice as a tour guide for people visiting the city. Do you cook better than anyone else? Perhaps there are many needy people that are selling homemade dishes.

If you really get to the conclusion that anything that you deserve to be paid, one should not lose your cool. It should appeal to family and friends. Surely one of them knows how to paint houses, repair computers, or better yet, have knowledge of plumbing. Offer to lend a hand and teach you the basics step basis.

Organization of work:

Once the applicant has clear what his field is to be a plan to succeed. For example, it is that we have license to drive trucks. Does it seem irrelevant knowledge? The important thing is to think of something and not stand still. You can try to make deliveries and carry out removals. Free time are established that can be devoted to this issue. It is also good to think about all the tasks that can be offered to the public, and determine the prices are going to wear. It can be paid by the hour, or full service ( moving an entire floor for a specified amount).

It is interesting to see how much they charge other professionals who perform similar tasks. If we charge more than they possibly going to have a few clients, and if we charge less than we’re losing money.

Promoting the service:

It should be released with great fanfare. Logically, we will have much budget to invest. But at least, to print and photocopy leaflets to put up with zeal and role of heat in the walls of the buildings in the area, portals, and if possible in the corner bar. It is also good deals to all relatives and acquaintances to you take a cable. If over time, the business goes up, you can hire a web design, and even promote it with little money.

The key to success lies in the details. When you call the first customers, have to work hard service and be very friendly, Old. It is not fashionable look good and be likeable. The more or less has entered into a mobile shop where you felt unimportant. Well, that’s a mistake. It is always good to think how you would like to be treated to one. The best thing is that all people who turn to us, as far as possible, rave about our deal. Take care of details, for example if you paint houses, try to leave everything clean, you’ll see you soon raffle.

Finally, remember that it is good to have patience. All of these businesses do not require a big investment, so it will be successful even if the first few days, you must be persistent. Over time it can improve some things that we have done wrong, like not putting enough signs, and finally succeed.