When making business, and go talk to people, you need to know the guidelines for success in relationships that are established.

The basis of everything in life that involves the integration of people, whether duets, small and large groups is sustained human relationships. Good relationships with others reflect the emotional intelligence, education and respect for a person and are an incentive to achieve the objectives proposed in intimate relationships, business and also with friends. At present the teaching of good human relations has been included in the colleges and universities, as has surfaced the importance of that. But there are people who despite having learned these good practices, and forget the problems start to arise both in labor and emotionally. A set of simple practices, it does not cost them anything when in contact with other people in any situation.

Basic rules

Regardless of the site and type of relationship to be established, knowing a person and see for first time necessarily mean a formal greeting, with a “good morning” and a “Happy / a to meet / a”. If you are in one place, it is best to sit and not touch things without asking permission. It is a very questionable view that a guest take shape objects arbitrarily and immediately fall ill and even though there are people who are discreet and do not object, that does not mean you do not mind.


When required a favor, either to take something given or required to go to the bathroom, you need to ask a favor before you act, as this will denote the education of the person. When leaving a site or withdraw from a meeting, you must say goodbye to people who are on the site. Do not criticize or suggest to people how to do things because it is an annoying issue and there may be conflicts. Everything they do thank others for the benefit of the person concerned, since no one has an obligation to help anyone and if they do, it is often in good faith.

Customer Rules

When is a person who is in constant contact with customers, either independently or agency relationship must meet friendly policies of the company and if it does not, should establish its own policies of kindness. Greet the client in all, so you do not think will be a potential customer . Kindness could Logar that person is not interested to make recommendations, otherwise can be harsh criticism and a person well-connected, can result in the collapse of the business. Always be alert to questions, opinions and suggestions of the client, with good expression and with a cordial answer for everything.

Not express slow or make it appear that he is doing a favor to the customer, because that would scare.The problems are at home, you should stay home. You have to keep a good attitude towards the customer. If encountering a dissatisfied person who is a very bad mood , do not respond with the same procedure as him. Phrases like “calm down” or “quiet” worsen the situation, it is better to speak in the plural “best calmemonos a bit and talk in a calm” to calm the situation. A handshake and a warm farewell to reaffirm any business can achieve and realize social relations. Do not overdo the confidence level provided to the customer, or allow it to go further. Sometimes extreme attitudes of trust can develop into problems, misunderstandings and jokes that can compromise the integrity and reputation of the dealer.

Rules for the customer

Being a customer does not mean you can do anything and that the supplier of the product or service has to endure everything. Education must be prefixed in any situation.

1. Greet the supplier, cashier or employee of lower rank
2. Be gentle and be kind to the employee
3. Avoid referring to the supplier or employee telling you. This type of treatment often cause discomfort
4. If something went wrong, do not get angry and abusing the supplier or employee. Many times the things that happen are not anyone’s fault
5. Avoid overconfidence

If you follow certain basic rules of conduct, conflicts are avoided, will improve existing relationships and opens way to new relationships, which no doubt will end in a great success.