Implanted in many European cities, banks are deemed to HSBC in market capitalization. Its clientele includes several categories of people, including students, employees, self-employed and civil servants, large companies will also find their place. This is a bank that takes into account the expectations and needs of each client. It provide assistance in managing their assets and advises them in this direction.


The officers of the bank HSBC put their expertise and their time to serve their clients. They accompany them to offer them the best investment in time. The bank is by its customers and at the same time, it is also for them. It manages the accounts of its customers, and helps develop its financial investments and grow their assets.

Open an account in HSBC and target customers

A bank account in HSBC bank is primarily aimed at students, to enable them to realize a savings account with tax-free compensation and social security contributions. Employees of businesses or other employees, officials can also entrust the management of their money in the bank HSBC. Many companies are entrusting him with their financial investment.

Products and services offered for sale in banks HSBC

In addition to managing a checking account or a deposit account, HSBC offers clients the opportunity to pay their savings. With the term account, the customer has 1 to 5 years for the economy generates a fixed-rate compensation. This method of account management to capitalize his money in safe place for a specified period. What you should know is that the investment in a deposit account can not be removed prematurely under penalty of interest.

A passbook savings account is to open two savings accounts. A booklet is a savings account with a cap set by law. The first account generates a fixed rate decided by the state and is exempt from income tax. Once the limit of the authorized amount is reached, the opening of the booklet can 2A that a savings account with no cap. The interest rate on the new account is currently 2% for a total of 100 to 15 300 Euros, and 1.25% from this amount. This account passbook savings has the advantage of allowing the owner to have his money at any time.

The savings plans is another product offered by HSBC Bank. The duration of the savings are unlimited and the amount can not exceed 15,300 Euros. The account generates an interest rate of 1.25%. The amount deposited in the account is available when the owner wishes to remove it. This home savings account allows the owner to benefit from a reduced rate home loan with the bank HSBC. This account has a tax exemption and a fixed and guaranteed.

HSBC Heritage Convention is a product of insurance and savings. With this offer, customers have credit cards, stock alerts, and subscriptions to online services of the bank. It is an offer that includes many amenities including daily operations are free. Thus, the subscription to this account makes you enjoy a free account management record keeping. Withdrawal at ATMs of banks, internal or external transfers, withdrawals, the opposition on a credit card or check are also free. Subscribers to this product are insured loss and theft of identity documents, refund of communications with their mobile phone in case of theft of it. Coverage also includes the protection of the family of subscribers, and compensation for death.

The Convention HSBC Dynamic offers some services in addition to those offered for subscription before. The delivery of Internet purchases, asset protection, and family enjoy a particular insurance. This account can also receive assistance for a property purchase. This is especially the diagnosis and the preparation of administrative documents. Assistance on taxes, tax situations and insurance are included in this account. The Passport option for easy installation of the subscriber in other countries covered by the HSBC network.

An offer for young people particularly distinguishes the HSBC bank. The booklet helps young aged 12 to 25 years to open a savings account with an initial deposit of 10 Euros and a cap of 1,600 Euros. The interest rate that the account has is 2.5%, while it is exempt from all fees and payroll taxes. The supply and removal of this account is the rhythm of each owner. The age of 18 can even benefit from the card more, the ATM card in the ATM. The only requirement to maintain this account is to allow a minimum of 10 Euros on it.

Young people are taken into account in HSBC bank. For them, another offer cited as HSBC Future is proposed. It is aimed at 18 to 28, and includes a credit card visa to allow students to benefit from their account even in another country. This account allows them to be free of financial worries due to the repatriation insurance and legal. This account is also exempt from the fee operations. In addition, it allows a loan repayable over 36 months with no fee. It provides its subscriber loss or theft of identification, the keys to his residence and deliveries for purchases on the Internet.