Despite living in an age where the e-mails are the fastest and most convenient tool for communication, business letter represents a professional method for communicating marketing level. That the letter reaches its goal, however, must know how to write correctly the letter.

The first node to be tackled is to identify the target to go. Once the target try to get information about the type of companies, the way they communicate and the people to whom you need to go. Be able to write an effective business letter to reach your goal. At this point it is necessary to define the objective of the communication, which is usually the presentation of a new product or service. The objective can be achieved if the reader clicks the curiosity to learn more about. The end point is then to define what kind of reaction you want to obtain from the consignee. This may provide for consultation of the corporate site, accepting a promotion or in the best case the direct purchase of the product.


The first thing to avoid when writing business letter is to convey a message of type self-referential. The reader will not be attracted as much by the description of the company but by the actual benefits that he will draw if you buy the product or using the service. An effective way to write a business letter is the inverted pyramid. Start your letters describing the benefits and advantages offered to strike the reader’s attention immediately.

A business letter should be brief. Many companies use this method to obtain visibility and thus the recipient of the letter tends to devote some time to reading. The content should be concise to get immediately and directly to the reader. Absolutely forbidden to write a business letter with a friendly tone. It is necessary to proceed in drafting a formal tone bearing to be professional, credible and respectful.

The letter must be written in a proper Italian, without spelling errors. If at the end of writing do you realize that there are some errors in spelling, grammar or syntax changes by hand but reprinted the letter after hearing her correctly. Remember that there are writing rules that provide for the drafting of the text into multiple paragraphs separated by blank spaces and use of bold and italics to emphasize the important concepts. The reading should be smooth, clean and graphically with a good visual impact.